Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tian Xia Mei Si Yuan, Balakong

Here's a place that a friend (IB Tiong) recommended aeons ago. I'd been there once before but did not have my camera in hand. Recently, we visited again and here's what we had:-
Their signature dish (you'll find this on ALL the tables here). Braised pig 'hand' (foreleg actually). Sweet with a hint of spice - sticky and with sinful amounts of fat - Excellent! Eat it whilst it's hot or the fat will coagulate. Possibly the best in South Klang Valley.
Steamed black tilapia in hot spicy (cheong cheng) sauce. Very good.
 A signature vegetable dish - a rather unusual combination of bean sprouts, carrots and bitter gourd. Everything remains crunchy and nice. Recommended.
A simple steamed taufoo topped with minced meat and dried prawns. Good.

This is a place that tends to get very crowded on weekends with crowds waiting for tables. A little patience will get you a table soon enough as patrons tend not to linger - it's an eat and run type of place! And the food arrives on the table surprisingly fast.

Location : Situated within the temple premises of the huge Xing An Temple across the highway from Jusco Cheras Selatan - it's pretty easy to locate.