Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tien Pin Restaurant - Hainanese Taste

This small unassuming restaurant has been around for a few years and we have actually passed by on numerous occasions without really giving it a try. It was only a few months ago that we started patronizing this restaurant.
The unassuming facade of Tien Pin
Our first choice was Mee Pok (stated on the menu as Mee Pork-sic-RM6.00) which is similar to Hakka Noodles, something thats not so common in Kajang. Its basically flat wheat noodles topped with minced pork with a nice dollop of crispy pork lard and some spring onions. Mee Pok is common in Singapore whilst Seremban has my favorite Hakka Mee stall at the market complex. At Tien Pin, the mee pok is served with a bowl of soup on the side containing fish ball and fish cakes. They take pride in their handmade fish ball and fish cakes which contain no preservatives. These have a nice springy bite and a clean taste.
Mee Pok aka Hakka Noodles
 We also had their Curry Noodles (RM6.00). Pretty decent version with the same fish ball and fish cakes but with added tau foo pok and foo chook.
Curry mee (with green spinach noodles)
On return visits, we discovered the real star of this restaurant - the Fried Fish Noodle and Chee Cheong Fun (RM7.50). Fish noodle is their homemade fish paste formed into the shape of noodles. This is then stir fried with rolls of chee cheong fun (flat rice noodles), bean sprouts and spring onions very much like the ubiquitous char kuey teow. The result is a truly flavorful dish with varying textures - soft rice noodles, springy fish noodle, crunchy bean sprouts etc. I like to take my time, unrolling each piece of chee cheong fun to soak up the tasty gravy. Highly recommended. 
The highly recommended Fried Fish Noodle & Chee Cheong Fun
You can also order Stuffed Tau Foo or other Yong Tau Foo items which are stuffed with their signature fish paste.
Yong Tau Foo items
The coffee here is kopitiam style-thick and sweet. It's a great place to have breakfast, especially on hot days when you really appreciate the air-cond environment. Tien Pin is located behind the AmBank Kajang Branch at Section 10, Jalan Bukit (near the Kajang Convent school).