Saturday, 13 August 2011

BROGA Recreational Fishing Park

 It started out as a lazy Saturday morning to the Rabbit Farm at Broga with cousin & her kids, but then what after the farm? Eat Rabbit meat? Nah! It had to be something exciting and untested in Broga - that small town in the 'jungle' famous for its food. Quickly scanned the blogs and located this one fishing farm cum restaurant that does 'ikan bakar' of a different sort.

After the fun filled morning at the Rabbit Farm, drove into Broga town, and proceeded to drive past the Shi Na Tok temple in Broga (at the end of the road into Broga), there is a small lane at the side of the temple, just follow the route, it will lead you to this pond/farm/restaurant.. The restaurant overlooks the farm and you can see the Middle Range mountains in the horizon - and you can certainly smell the fresh air - perfect for 'makan angin'. Very scenic.

Everything goes into a foil and placed on the charcoal
Interestingly, all the food here are 'baked in silver foils'. The marinade is pre-prepared and kept in the fridge in air tight container. As customer come and order, the marinade is mixed with the fish/meat/vegetables and packed into the silver foil
Baking is the word
The fresh Talapia is from their own pond, how much fresher can it get?

We didn't expect this - mutton!

Talapia - the 'Hot Preperation'
A milder version of Talapia with some ladies fingers
Ginger Duck
Ladies finger, Brinjal, Petai & Onions = tasty
Everything here is basic, nothing fancy. The taste too was very basic, nothing fancy - no MSG. In fact, it was disappointing at first. Nothing stood out.

However as we kept sieving through the dishes, it became apparent that food prepared in such a manner kept all the 'goodness' within the silver foil packing - i.e. the gravy was fantastic! Fish preparation was so-so, but the freshness of the fish made up for the lack of cooking style. We clawed through the carcass of the fish and 'fished out' the goodness - it was satisfying.

I particularly enjoyed the vegetables and the two fish dishes prepared in two different styles. The mutton and duck was not that great. I believe chicken would have been better, especially if they offer kampung chicken.

Will I return? Yes, for the ambiance and the freshness of the fish. It is a good place to take a guest for a meal, will leave a lasting impression - the countryside and the fish pond and fresh vegetables - sure winners.

Couple that with a walk up Bukit Broga or the park next to the temple or just a late morning drive and you have a well spend day at the country-side. The children will love it.

BROGA Recreational Fishing Park:
Day off: Thursday
Open on Public Hols & Weekend
11am to 7pm.

GPS: N 02 55.834'
E 101 55.735'