Thursday, 20 October 2011

Kajangfood is Two !!

Woot woot !!!!

We're two folks. And to celebrate, here's our selection of some of some of the finest food places in Kajang (what used to be known as our Top 10 best places to eat in Kajang). We've decided to narrow it down to the Top 3 places to eat in Kajang. So here goes:-

No 3 - Sing Kee at Bandar Teknologi, Jalan Semenyih
A new entry in our previous years Top 10 list, this is a place that serves up good tasting food every time. They are not innovative and we tend to order their tried and tested dishes. These include:-
It doesn't look like much but this is the best ginger sauce in town!
  • Steamed fish (wan yee ) with minced ginger - possibly the best in South Klang Valley!
  • Steamed kampong chicken (pak cham kai)
  • Pork and yam
  • Their signature taufoo topped with pickled radish and mince meat
  • Steamed tilapia fish with chilli padi     
No 2 - Yip Sheng at Bandar Teknologi, Jalan Semenyih
We have actually 're-discovered' Yip Sheng after a long time. We used to frequent the place for crabs occasionally, but we stopped going there after they stopped serving crabs. That was our loss actually since they have lots of other good food here. Some dishes we can recommend are:-
Assam squid and prawns
  • Assam steamed tilapia fish - excellent balance of spicy, sour and sweet
  • Pork ribs - all their sauces Guinness, Marmite, Cheese, honey - are good
  • Assam squid and prawns. The sauce tastes similar to the assam fish, but this comes in a more diluted curry form.We're planning to order some plain mee hoon to dunk into the gravy the next time we go here. It would make an excellent curry noodle.
No 1 - Wan Fatt at Lorong Belakang Jalan Mendaling, Kajang Town
This is a place that we keep going back to very regularly. We've tried almost everything on the menu and almost everything is good. Whats exceptionally good are:-
Steamed tilapia topped with fried radish
  •  Their signature steamed tilapia topped with fried pickled radish
Sang har mein
  •  Their big prawn noodles (sang har mee)
Lor mein
  •  Lor mee
  • Chef's special paku (fern shoots) with crispy baby anchovies
  • Steamed tipalia in nyonya suace
Claypot tilapia in ginger wine gravy

  • Claypot tilapia in a ginger wine gravy
  • Pork ribs in salted egg crust
The list is just too long. The chef actually takes the trouble to plate the dishes in a presentable manner and often with some garnishing. A sure sign of someone who cares about his food - both in terms of taste and presentation. Be warned however that the place is practically jam-packed on weekends. We have waited for more than an hour for our food here before, but is is sure worth the wait. Prices are pretty reasonable too.

So enjoy the food and thanks for your support for the last 2 years. Cheers!