Monday, 13 January 2014

The best Arabian food in Kajang

Of late there have been several new Arab / Middle Eastern restaurants sprouting up in Kajang. The majority are located in the Sg Chua area where there a number of flats/ apartments occupied by the Middle Eastern community.

I still have not learned to distinguish Lebanese, Egyptian, Moroccan, Turkish, Syrian or Greek cuisine. I have a feeling its going to be difficult task, like trying to distinguish the different Malay specialities from different states in Malaysia. So any feedback, comments would be appreciated.

Which is your favorite? Some of the choices out there include:-
1. Tareem Hadramawt Restaurant at Taman Sepakat Indah 2
2. Al Diafah at Taman Putra Kajang
3. Arabian House Restaurant also at Taman Putra Kajang 

Drop me a note in the comment box. Cheers.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Kg Koh chilli sauce, direct from Sitiawan

Happy New Year everyone!

Our Christmas outing for 2013 was to Sitiawan, Perak - home of the famous Kg Koh chilli sauce. We always have a bottle of Kg Koh chilli sauce at home to go with dim sum and fried foods. We did not get to visit a chilli sauce factory, but we made it a point to visit the Kg Koh wet market to stock up on some sauce. Here's what we got:-
The collection of Kg Koh chilli sauce bottles
Now you may be able to get Kg Koh chilli sauce almost anywhere in Malaysia, but there is one brand that is only available in Kg Koh itself.  It's the one in the middle in the photo above, NKJ's -
NKJ's, only found in Kg Koh, Sitiawan
It's thicker in consistency, more pungent and with a more pronounced garlic flavor. It's my pick between the 3 Kg Koh chilli sauces that we found. Do pick up a bottle if you're in Sitiawan. You'll find it in most provision stores there and you can even get them in six-packs, tied up with raffia string. Real old-school style.