Monday, 14 May 2012

Hoong Kee 168, "Famous Sg Chua Steamed Fish Head"

We found a gem of a place within a food court in Sg Chua. Located beside the Sg Chua Footsal Court (opposite the Esso Petrol Station). 
 Located rather conspicuously at the left side of the food court as you enter, there is a banner reading Hoong Kee 168 “Famous Sg Chua Steamed Fish Head”. 
We had the steamed fish head with black bean. Perfectly steamed and with a spattering of beans and shredded radish. Highly recommended.
 The steamed pork ribs were good but not particularly outstanding.
Vegetables were scalded and served with oyster sauce and fried scallions. Good.
Taufoo (soy bean curd) with mince meat. So-so only. 
They also operate the bak kut teh stall opposite. We ordered a bowl. Pretty decent stuff but ask to omit the fried taufoo puffs as it adds an alkaline taste to the soup.

The food court also has stall selling fried rice and noodles (the fried rice looked good), Thai food (we had a pretty decent Thai fried rice here), curry laksa with chicken curry (pretty decent too), a Chinese nasi lemak stall and an apparently a famous pan mee seller (which gd tried and commented as being mediocre).  Surely worth a visit.