Monday, 8 September 2014

Hajah Restaurant @ Sg. Ramal Luar

Here's one for all of you working or living around Sg Ramal, Sg Chua, Serdang or even Putrajaya. If you're looking for authentic and simple Malay food, look no further than Hajah Restaurant.
Don't be fooled by the dilapidated shack looks - the spread of good food here will be enough to entice you.
 At noon time, you can have rice with various lauk (dishes) and some fresh ulam (raw vegetables).  
 Make a bee-line for the fried kampung (free-range) chicken or...
....ikan bakar (grilled fish). 
Rice with pajeri nenas and lauk ayam kampung
Nice vegetable salad with peanut sauce a-la gado-gado
Don't forget the cecah for the ikan bakar. The fish goes well with the dark soy sauce with cili padi or sambal belacan. The latter is not for the faint hearted as it really packs a punch. Keep the tissues close at hand.

The damage for everything including 2 iced lime drinks was only RM13.00. Good food and good price too. Two thumbs up for Hajah Restaurant.

Location : Lot 9406, Jalan Persiaran Sg Chua, Sg Ramal Luar, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Taste Gallery @ Bandar Mahkota

Here is a place that was listed in a Top 10 list of places to eat in Bandar Mahkota by an online portal recently. We decided to give it a try and here's what we thought:-
Drinks - passion fruit green tea was OK. Iced coffee - OK also. They have Illy coffee too but we did not try it this time.
Chef's signature Assam Laksa was OK. We would have preferred chunkier pieces of fish and more sour laksa gravy. And more prawn paste. 
We couldn't try their signature charcoal bun burgers on the the day we visited as they had run out of buns! So we settled for a Soft Shell Crab burger in a ciabatta bun. The soft shell crab was nice and crispy and tasty but they killed it with too much mayonaisse. There is much to be said about moderation with sauces. The fries that accompanied the burger were perfect - chunky in size, crispy on the outside and soft inside.   
The damage - RM44.75.  
First impression was rather average but we're undecided about this place. Needs more exploring of the menu. Give it a try and tell us what you think. 

Location : No 22, Jalan Temenggung 19/9, Bandar Mahkota Cheras, 43200  Cheras, Selangor
Contact : 03-90118016

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Yoke Heng Restaurant @ Serdang Raya

I've heard about this rather famous restaurant from many people in the past but never had the opportunity to try it until now. It's actually famous for it's claypot loh shue fun (rat's tail rice noodles). Here's the verdict:-
First up is their signature claypot loh shue fun. Unlike other restaurants, the loh shue fun here is not dry or dark in color. It comes in a pale eggy gravy, not unlike the ubiquitous Cantonese style noodles. Topped with a spoonful of chee yow char (fried pork lard) which provides a crunchy contrasting texture to the soft chewy noodles. Fragrant and tasty, it is recommended to be eaten with a dash of black vinegar which is found on all tables. We tried it with the vinegar first and found it to be rather ordinary. But ditch the vinegar and add a dash of the sambal belacan (shrimp paste sambal) and the loh shue fun is taken to a new taste level. Very good indeed.
Ask for the sambal belacan to add to the loh shue fun
Next, we tried the sang har sang mein (fresh prawn with fresh noodles). One large prawn, split in two and quickly braised in an eggy gravy.
This gets my vote as the best sang har mein in the South of Klang Valley. Yes, it's that good. The eggy gravy had drawn the flavors from the prawn in the quick braising. The gravy was so tasty that we practically scraped the last drops from the dish with our spoons. The sang mein was fried until crispy and then topped with the gravy. Some parts had soaked up the gravy whilst other parts remained crunchy which provided nice contrasting textures when eaten immediately. Green scallions provided a nice aroma and some vegetable cruch to balance the richness of the dish. The noodles with just a single prawn was RM35 but it was worth every sen. Highly recommended.
There were only 2 of us on this visit, so we could not try many dishes. However we had to try their chiew pai (signature) house made taufoo. We tasted minced pork, salted fish and some crunchy vegetables in the taufoo. It was tasty enough to eat without the light chilli sauce that came with the dish. Highly recommended as well.

The verdict - this is a restaurant that lives up to the hype and we will definitely be back for more. Watch out for future posts on this restaurant.

Location : No. 33, Jalan SR 8/4, Taman Putra Indah, Seri Kembangan, Selangor.
Contact : 03-89438753/ 012-6533915

Friday, 1 August 2014

Osaka 1961 @ Taman Kajang Prima

The new Japanese restaurant in Kajang Prima called Osaka 1961 has 2 sections; a ground floor section which is a sushi bar and does set meals as well, and a first floor section that houses a shabu-shabu (steamboat) buffet. We tried the ground floor section and here's the verdict:-
Sorry for the picture quality - lights were quite dim
All sushi on the conveyor belt are RM1.80 a plate. At such a price, you really can't complain. But I have to say that the octopus was very chewy. The raw fish however was fresh.
The Buta (pork) Katsudon set came with a crispy fried pork fillet served on a bed of rice. The set came with a bowl of salad, miso soup and two watermelon slices. Again, you can't complain at RM7.90. The Salmon Fish Set which can be done in Shio or Teriyaki style was somewhat better. We had the salmon done in Teriyaki sauce and the salmon came in a reasonable size for the RM8.90 asking price.
We also had a Osaka Itako Salad. A decent portion of sweetish squid topped on a plate of cucumber, baby tomatoes, shredded cabbage and salad leaves. Nice refreshing salad. No complaints for RM6.90.

Overall, a cheap and cheerful place. It's good value for money but don't get your expectations too high. You get what you pay for. Give it a try.

Location : No 11 Jalan KP 1/6, Taman Kajang Prima, Off Jalan Semenyih, Kajang
Contact : 03-8741 6119

Friday, 25 July 2014

Yip Sheng @ Bandar Teknologi - Revisted

A friend (IB Tiong) mentioned some time ago that Yip Sheng had the best Hokkien Mee in Kajang. We've been going to Yip Sheng for ages but always for rice and dishes and not noodles (see our previous posts on Yip Sheng). So we had to satisfy our curiosity and we finally found an occasion for a light dinner here.
First up the Hokkien Mee. Suitably greasy with pieces of fried lard between the fat noodles. Bits of green vegetable, squid, pork and a few small prawns - a good if rather standard mix. No liver though. The batch we got had a distinct burnt aroma. Not the wok hei (breath of the wok) but the aroma of something that had been left a tad too long in the wok. Despite the aroma, the taste was faultless - a top class Hokkien Mee all right. Ask for some sambal chilli and mix some in for extra heat. Recommended.
Fried rice (sorry - half eaten already)
Jeremy had his usual fried rice and this was again truly good. Lots of carrots, long beans and shallots with bits of char siew and a few plump prawns. This had the right wok hei. One of the best we have had in some time. Recommended as well.
Our selection of a meat dish, pork ribs with a Marmite sauce. Tasty, but the meat was a little over-fried and a tad tough.

So now you know where to go if you are in the mood for a little supper of noodles and fried rice. Give this a try. And thanks to IB for the note.

Location : No 73-79 Jalan Seri Baiduri 1, Taman Seri Baiduri, Bandar Teknologi Kajang (it’s on the right hand side of the road after you turn in from the traffic light).
Contact : 03-87237805

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

CLOSED - Ipoh Chicken Rice Express @ Pearl Avenue, Sg Chua

Updated as at end August 2014 - it looks like they have ceased operations.

There's a new contender for the best chicken rice in Kajang and it's none other than a branch of PJ's 1977 New Ipoh Chicken Rice restaurant. Branded as Ipoh Chicken Rice Express, this restaurant located at the Pearl Avenue apartments in Sg Chua has been getting mixed reviews so far.

The steamed chicken is decent ennough, although the chicken is not the firm free-range variety. It's also not the soft broiler variety. It's somewhere in between. Good, but not great.
The rice was standard chicken rice fare, flavorful from being cooked in chicken stock (and some margarine I'm sure).The accompanying soup was not outstanding either but the chilli sauce had a pretty decent kick. 
We were quite happy with the bean sprouts. Not the thin, stringy local variety. These were nice and juicy, but not quite as good as the ones you get in Ipoh. Thumbs up anyway.
The hor fun (kway teow or flat rice noodles) had the right texture - smooth and silky. Well complemented by the tasty chicken stock. I would recommend this to go with the chicken instead of rice.
On another visit, I had the curry noodles which was served with the hor fun and steamed chicken. The curry was not too thick or overly creamy with coconut cream. I would recommend this for breakfast.

Prices are rather steep by Kajang standards. Lets see if Kajang folk think that the quality is worth the asking prices. It's not quite the best but there are a few hits and some misses.

Location : Ground Floor, Pearl Avenue, Sg Chua, Kajang.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Banh Mi @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

After my recent trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I have been on the lookout for nice Vietnamese food in Klang Valley. After reading about this place on Eat Drink KL blog, I was tempted to give it a try.

Located behind the Columbia Asia hospital in Bandar Puteri, this is a relatively quiet neighborhood for a restaurant, far from the hustle (and parking madness) of the Bandar Puteri town centre. Lots of parking in this vicinity.
They have a very limited menu - maybe less than 15 items, of which half are choices of Banh Mi (Vietnamese baguette sandwiches). You can have it with choice of pork (bacon or grilled pork), fish, chicken, egg or a combination of these (on request).
Banh Mi with bacon - RM6.80
Banh Mi with grilled chicken - RM6.60
Banh Mi with Grilled Pork - RM6.60
I liked the grilled chicken and grilled pork as these had the added smoky aroma and flavors from the grilling. Recommended.

Also available are rice sets with braised pork belly or lemongrass chicken. I tried the lemongrass chicken which was served with stir fried bitter gourd with egg and a vegetable soup. The chicken was nice and tasty but if would have been better if it was served with hot steaming rice instead of the lukewarm rice I got.
Lemongrass chicken with rice set - RM6.80
Lastly, we had the Bo Kho or beef stew. Served with a baguette, the stew was nice but not as thick and flavorful as I anticipated.
Stew beef with baguette set - RM6.60

Special mention about the unique decor made with real unused baguettes. The baguettes are made fresh daily so the unused ones get used as decor for the shop. Brilliant! It's a small non air-cond cafe so it does get stuffy in the afternoon.
The entire operation is run by Vietnamese so you're ensured of an authentic experience. Vietnamese drip coffee (hot or iced) and Ice Lime Tea are available and are recommended as well.

Location : No 21, Jalan Puteru 7/9, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor (opposite the Bandar Puteri Police Station)
Contact : 012-3225548 (Cindy Pham)
Website :
Operating hours : 10.30 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. (closed once a month)