Friday, 15 January 2010

Kedai Makanan Wan Fatt (Part II)

What a better way to start the New Year than to review what may possibly be our choice as the best of our Top 10 restaurants in Kajang again. Here's some dishes we tried recently.

1. Taufoo in 2 styles.
On a single dish, you'll get 2 types of taufoo (plain and with fish paste) in 2 styles. The plain taufoo is deep fried and served with a piquant Thai cucumber 'kerabu'. The homemade fish paste taufoo is deep fried and served with a mayonnaise sauce. It's tasty no doubt, but I have mental block on any dish using mayonnaise in Chinese cooking.
Verdict : Good

2. Claypot steamed tilapia fish with ginger wine
This was the first time we tried this dish and it was a winner. The fish was steamed to perfection and the ginger wine lent a sweet / pungent flavour. Very good for the digestion and it will keep you warm on cold days. This was a hit with the wife and mother-in-law.
Verdict : Very good

3. "Pakis" vegetable with sambal belacan
Fern shoots (paku-pakis) are not very commonly used by the Chinese in these parts, although quite common in East Malaysia. If not cooked properly, the pakis will leave a "kelat" (sticky) sensation in the mouth. It was done reasonably well here though I've had versions with tastier sambal belacan in East Malaysia.
Verdict : Good

4. Pork with "mui choy"
A simple dish which was done well. The flavour of the mui choy (preserved vegetable) had seeped into the pork. Every last morsel was polished off.
Verdict : Very good

5. Taufoo steamed with minced pork
Another very simple dish but done really well again. The soy sauce gravy was very tasty and every morsel was polished off.
Verdict : Excellent

6. Fried pork ribs coated in salted egg
A tasty dish indeed, thanks to the salted egg coating.
Verdict : Very good

Best to try this place on a weekday. They have limited seating so waiting for a table may be necessary on weekends and public holidays. There is a fruit stall next door so you could get some fruits to munch whilst waiting for your food, if you're really hungry.

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