Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hometown Hot Soup Restaurant

It was pretty late on a Saturday evening (about 8.30 p.m) when we ventured to Hometown to try their hot pepper soup. Howetown is owned by the same people who operate Restoran Kee V in Sungai Chua and they have 2 popular outlets in that area. The outlet we visited is located along Jalan Semenyih, near the Billion shopping centre.

A look at their glossy menu suggested that these guys may be looking to franchise their successful food business? The crowd at this outlet seemed to indicate that they had a winning formula too. We ordered and were amazed at the speed that the food was served – we had not even finished washing the tea cups !

 We had to try the hot pepper soup with various pork innards. It was pretty decent but not particularly outstanding. It could have done with more pepper.

The fa diu kai or claypot chicken with rice wine was good. There was lots of sauce to go with the rice.

We ordered their special taufoo (bean curd). A fried block of taufoo was topped with what looked like minced meat but turned out to be chopped radish (?). This was decent enough.

The green vegetable was nice and crunchy.

Overall it was a decent enough meal, but not exciting enough to warrant a return visit. Unless of course we were dead-hungry and need a place where the food is served before you can warm the seat…….

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  1. What a co-incidence! I visted Kee V in Sg. Chua just 2 days ago and I must say, at 8:30pm the 2 lot corner shop was packed, there was only 1 table available. However, agreed - the food came fast and service was good.

    The same is to be said for the lunch time crowd. It seems people come as far as KL and Bangi for lunch - due to popularity and the place is packed.

    Also agreed, nothing spectacular, however if you want decent food without waiting and at a very reasonable price - this is the place to be. I particularly like the pricing system.

    My recommendations: Pork & salted fish in claypot, curry pork ribs (watch out for the santan), pan mee in hot soup and the ever popular must have A-B-C hot soup (i.e. everything in it). Yum!