Thursday, 7 April 2011

May N Mike’s Restaurant

This is a departure from our usual South Klang Valley posts. Gd and myself decided we had to go back to our roots – Malayalee roots to be precise. Our search for good Malayalee cuisine would take us to Petaling Jaya this time. Gd had been to May N Mike's many times before but it was the first time for me. My expectations were pretty high as Gd had previously given it the thumbs-up (possibly the best Malayalee restaurant around?) and getting a thumbs-up from Gd for Indian food is quite rare. We can thank our Mum for setting pretty high standards for Indian food, to the extent that most Indian restaurants fail to meet our expectations.

Here's how we sampled the food – we got a plate of rice each, picked a few vegetables of our choice.

Then grab some meat or fish on a small plate – we had the fish puttu and

chicken varuval (dry curry ) which I think is not what it's called in Malayalam - my bad.

Make sure you take some dry spicy powder (chamandi poddi) and ginger pickle (inji pulli) from the counter.
You can have some rassam (spicy soup) and curd too if you like. Then sit back and enjoy ……

May Miranda is a true "pakka" Malayalee and it shows in her cooking. There's something very homey and down to earth in her cooking, so much so that we want to call her Aunty May ! You will notice that most vegetable dishes have grated coconut in it – typical of Malayalee cuisine. On the day we were there however, they did not have the signature Malayalee mixed vegetable dish called aviyal. So that alone is cause enough for a return visit (very soon) to Aunty May's.

Be warned however that food is more pricey than your average banana leaf joint. Expect to pay about RM15 per pax with drinks or more if you tend to load you plate with too many things!

Location :  357C, Jalan 5/57, Petaling Gardens, 46000 Petaling Jaya.
Contact : 03-77701050.


  1. M&M never fails! Simply the best (at a cost though). It is a class by itself for good Indian food.

  2. Whilst the taste here is above average the pricing is certainly prohibitive.

    To pay an average of RM15 for what is basically chap-fun (mixed rice) is ridiculous.

  3. 'not', the average price in an Indian restaurant is already hitting RM8 to RM9, for a few ringgit more, i.e. about RM12/13, you are assured of consistent tasty food, any time of the week.

    I guess it is the same with Chinese Restaurants - when you are good and famous, you can add your 'premium price', it is your well earned status.

    So if you the consumer want consistently good tasting food, then prepare to pay more.

    I am, and not just at M&M.

  4. well...i have had M&M at PJ and their 2nd branch at Kota Kemuning and all i can say is that the food is consistent. Price may be above the normal when compared to other banana leaf restaurants...but my friends and I dont mind paying the extra price as we get pretty good quality stuff over there...and yeah...Chap-Fun??? Indian restaurants dont have chap-fun....And chap fun can cost quite a bit also as i learned today...

  5. They advertise authentic Malayee food but only some of it is. You must be lucky to be charged RM6.80. The prices are expensive compared to Indian food elsewhere. To those who say that the food is very nice, I pity you as you probably gre up with mum's who can't cook very well. The teh tarik scores a 3 on a scale of 10. Best thing is to avoid altogether. Try the re-opened Acha Curry house on the previous block. Parking is messy and service is ordinary. I just went there today and the ppor experience prompted me to find every blog about them and post similar comments.

  6. Mr Jones, no one ever said it is cheap and we all agree it is more expensive then other Indian food outlets. Our original article posted here did state "Expect to pay about RM15 per pax with drinks", I hope that was clear enough. I still maintain, good food sometimes comes at a price, you have a choice.

    Also, don't assume that the writer and others commenting here did not have mothers who could cook neither do we know about taste - it reflects immaturity.

    That said, I have to agree with you about the tea at M&M, it sucks and I have even mentioned it to May, being a Malayalee food joint, people expect good tea!

    As for Acha Curry house, I have not been there since they 're-opened' so I can't comment, I hope to try it soon. My last experience there as it was going downhill years ago was not a pleasant one, least to say.

  7. She has become too prohibitive. No transparency in pricing, it had gone up to rm 20 for a simple plate with 3 vege small portions and a meat dish. She is bullying patrons and is not friendly

  8. To be honest, I know May and I like the food at May N Mike, however I have not been there for more then 2 years in protest to her non-transparent billing, super expensive meal, use of artificial flavoring 'Aji' in her food and worst of all, arrogant attitude. My money, I choose where to spend it and the 2 Indian restaurant within walking distance to May's is now My Choice! ;-)