Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Indian food in Kajang Part 1

Gd and myself have received feedback asking about good Indian food in Kajang. Truth be told, we are still looking for a good Indian restaurant in the Kajang vicinity. But here's a run down of  the available places:-

Sri Paandi
Located in the heart of town along Jalan Semenyih is Restoran Sri Paandi. Relatively new, perhaps about 5 years in Kajang now - they practically captured the market when they first opened. Their thosai were crispy and almost done perfectly. And the accompanying coconut chutney, tomato chutney and dhall were almost perfect too. But that was 5 years ago and sadly, standards have dropped. The main problem is that most of their Indian cooks and waiters have gone back to India. The locals just don't measure up. A real pity actually.
Basil Leaves
Perhaps the only upmarket Indian restaurant in Kajang, this restaurant is located in Taman Kajang Sentral, off Jalan Bukit (facing the Silk Highway). Gd commented more a year ago that this place would fold soon after. Well they are still going strong - but we don't know why. They still have not got their service right - from taking orders to settling the bill, they still fumble. The food is inconsistent - it can be good one day and hopeless the next day. We heard that they have a thriving food catering business which is probably what keeps this restaurant running. Give it a try but keep your fingers crossed.

Look out for Part II soon.

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