Thursday, 21 October 2010

Kajangfood’s Top 10 Best Restaurants in South Klang Valley

It's the First Anniversary of our Kajangfood blog. It's been a year of exploring (burp!) and documenting (burp!) some of the best food in South Klang Valley. From Cheras to Broga, from Puchong to Dengkil, we've scoured the countryside for the best eating places we have heard about. Thanks to our readers and friends for all the suggestions and feedback. In return, we'd like to share with you our updated Top 10 list of best restaurants in this part of the world. Our criteria for selection is pretty simple; consistent good food, reasonable prices and popular with the locals. With the exception of the satay and bak kut teh (pork rib soup) places, the rest are restaurants with a full a-la carte menu.
1. Satay Kajang Haji Samuri
    Haji Samuri topped our Ultimate Best Kajang Satay Shoot-Out. With a pretty good chicken satay and a decent beef satay, it's easy to understand why they have been so successful not only in Kajang, but also expanding nationwide. Their peanut sauce sets them apart from the others – their well balanced (spicy and flavorful) is one of the best.
    2. Restoran Wan Fatt
      There's no change with Wan Fatt, they're still churning out good food at reasonable prices. Their signature steamed fish and lor mee are worth special mention. Well worthy of their mention in the Ho Chak TV show.

      3. Restoran Sing Kee (New Entry)

      If you've been following our blog, this new entry to the Top 10 would come as no surprise. We've been singing their praises since we found them in Bandar Teknologi (after they moved there from Semenyih). Their ginger steamed wan yee (fresh water fish) is about the best we have had, and their pork with yam is also outstanding.
      4. Fook Loy Restaurant
      One of our regular eating spots. We keep returning for their claypot braised dishes (chicken, duck and even terrapin occasionally). Also worthy of mention is their signature dish of tomyam style prawn served in a coconut. 

      5. Restoran 52

      Our favorite restaurant in Semenyih, their signature dish – Guinness pork ribs - is a sweet and sticky success. I particularly like their spinach soup with century egg and fish finger slices. 

      6. Seatown Seafood Restaurant (New Entry)

      A rather obscure and little known restaurant on Jalan Reko, we keep going back for their shark curry. The curry beats most Indian restaurants flat – which is the greatest compliment for a Chinese chef. They are also generous with their petai. Just try the stir fried petai with prawns. A new entry to the Top 10, we're still exploring their offerings.
      7. Ming Kee Restaurant

      Another of our regular eating spots. A must-have here is the best braised eight treasure duck which has to be pre-ordered. Not many restaurants still have this hard to prepare dish. Also good here is the butter fried tilapia fish – crunchy to the last bone !
      8. Balakong BKT & steam fish (New Entry)

      This is actually a bak kut teh restaurant and a limited a-la carte menu. However it serves what in our opinion is the best steamed fish head in the Klang Valley – even better than the famous Chan Sow Lin restaurants. The pork leg is another must have here. The bak kut teh is not particularly outstanding though. I just realised we have not

      9. Bukit Mewah Restaurant

      This is another Kajang restaurant that's been featured on the Ho Chak TV show. Their signature dish is the lotus leaf wrapped fried tilapia and fish head curry. We haven't tried the curry as it did not look too interesting but the lotus leaf wrapped fish is a must-have here. Prices are pretty reasonable too.
      10. Restoran Soong Kee

      A popular restaurant in Kg Baru Sri Kembangan, we haven't got down to doing a proper review of this place yet. Their signature boneless fish and steamed kampong chicken are the draws here. Look out for a review soon.

      So there you have it. Some places have dropped out of the Top 10 due to dwindling standards or rising prices. That's the nature of the food business, whats up this year may be down next year. So do keep visiting our blog for the latest updates. We'll try our best to keep you updated (Buuuurrrpppppp!!!).



      1. urm... have to beg to differ with you mentioning Haji Samuri as the best place to have satay.

        Do think that sate emas @ a stall behind dewan bandaraya kajang (inside sate complex) and restoran Malaysia offer nicer satays.

        Plus, haji Samuri never fails to give me diarrhoea everytime I happened to dine there :(

      2. Hi Anonymous,

        We've tried both and beg to differ on both counts-
        1. Satay Emas - burnt satay but OK sauce. They tend to use a big flame which burns the satay. The grilling people need more technique.
        2. Malaysia Restaurant - starchy and sweet sauce. Meat is too lean - needs some fat for flavor.

        To be fair, Hj Samuri can also be inconsistent on the grilling too but sauce is pretty consistent and we have had no reports of diarrhoea so far.

      3. Newbie to Kajang. Need some addresses to try all of them out

      4. Just search through the earlier postings on these restaurants and you will find the address or how to get there. Use the "Search This Blog" feature. Thank you for visiting us. Do let us know your experience.