Monday, 20 August 2012

Lek Kee Chicken Rice, Taman Kajang Prima

Following up on my earlier post about the best chicken rice in Kajang, the main contender for the title was Lek Kee Chicken Rice which was located at the car park area of the Kajang market. Quite famous actually, but also notorious. See the comments to the review in the Kajang Town blog here.

Actually gd, Rose and myself too have a love hate relationship with the Kam Mou (golden haired guy) who used to chop the meat there. Good food but bad hygiene and bad attitude. But putting everything else aside, it was a pretty good chicken rice. So when the Kam Mou dissapeared, we though that was the end of his legacy.

The good news is that Lek Kee has now reopened at Taman Kajang Prima, off Jalan Semenyih.
However the Kam Mou has lost his signature blonde hair and is now with black hair :-) Not sure if he is less ham sap as well ;-)
Still with the same bad ass attitude though. Somehow it wouldn't be the same without the attitude :-)

Chicken and char siew are still good. Haven't tried the duck and siew yoke yet. Give it a try and let me know what you think. It's located behind the HSBC Bank.


  1. Another new branch at kajang sungai chua just open!

  2. Latest news: Moved to Kajang Utama, opposite Hyundai Service Center - Corner shop.

  3. Don't know where they are now. Been driving around and the one OPP Hyundai is closed. Maybe just not my lucky day.

    The one behind the market has not been open for 3 days straight.

    1. Interesting comment six66, this guy was a break-away from the one behind the market, then he moved to Kajang Prima, from there to one opposite Hyundai in Kajang Utama. Last heard he is still open, again not sure. As for the one in the market side, this is really news to me that closed 3-days stright! It certainly is one of the better chicken rice shops in Kajang! Will lookout for progress.