Friday, 1 August 2014

Osaka 1961 @ Taman Kajang Prima

The new Japanese restaurant in Kajang Prima called Osaka 1961 has 2 sections; a ground floor section which is a sushi bar and does set meals as well, and a first floor section that houses a shabu-shabu (steamboat) buffet. We tried the ground floor section and here's the verdict:-
Sorry for the picture quality - lights were quite dim
All sushi on the conveyor belt are RM1.80 a plate. At such a price, you really can't complain. But I have to say that the octopus was very chewy. The raw fish however was fresh.
The Buta (pork) Katsudon set came with a crispy fried pork fillet served on a bed of rice. The set came with a bowl of salad, miso soup and two watermelon slices. Again, you can't complain at RM7.90. The Salmon Fish Set which can be done in Shio or Teriyaki style was somewhat better. We had the salmon done in Teriyaki sauce and the salmon came in a reasonable size for the RM8.90 asking price.
We also had a Osaka Itako Salad. A decent portion of sweetish squid topped on a plate of cucumber, baby tomatoes, shredded cabbage and salad leaves. Nice refreshing salad. No complaints for RM6.90.

Overall, a cheap and cheerful place. It's good value for money but don't get your expectations too high. You get what you pay for. Give it a try.

Location : No 11 Jalan KP 1/6, Taman Kajang Prima, Off Jalan Semenyih, Kajang
Contact : 03-8741 6119

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