Monday, 13 October 2014

MyLim Restaurant and Kang Master Chef Restaurant @ Semenyih Sentral

If you've been to Ipoh before, you may have noticed a red and white building in the heart of town selling salt baked chicken. It's practically an institution in Ipoh and I make it a point to pack back a few chickens every time I visit Ipoh. The good news for Kajang and Semenyih folks is that you need not have to travel to Ipoh to taste this delicacy. We have our own version of
it in Semenyih called MyLim.

MyLim and Kang Master Chef - side by side
If you visit the shop, you'll find rows of ovens with chicken slowly baking in salt crystals.
The chicken are wrapped in paper which retains all the juicy goodness or 'chicken essence'.
 You can have the chicken chopped and served with rice at the restaurant. 
Or you can eat it at the next door restaurant called Kang Master Chef Restaurant. Supposedly famous for fish head noodles, we found the signature dish there to be quite uninspiring.
Ditto for the seafood curry noodles. Not worth talking about.
But do give MyLim a try. You can also get it shrink wrapped and ready for the freezer. It makes an excellent spare dish when you need it, just take out from freezer, steam, chop it up according to your personal liking and it's ready to serve.  It's RM22 for a whole chicken, either freshly baked or shrink wrapped. They also do delivery so give them a call to find out.

Location :  Jalan Semenyih Sentral 6, Semenyih Sentral, Selangor
Contact : 03- 87248820 (MyLim)

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