Saturday, 24 July 2010

Restoran Sg Jelok

Now this is a restaurant that we've been frequenting for a very long time. It used to be the place to go when we wanted to satisfy our crab cravings. But prices kept increasing and crabs were sometimes unavailable, so we had not been visiting this place for some time now.

Steamed tilapia in cheong cheng sauce

Taste-wise, it was pretty good. Texture wise, the chillies were ground too coarsely, leaving lots of whole seeds. The seeds tend to get stuck on your teeth, which is quite irritating. At RM21 for a small  but fresh fish, it was reasonably priced.
Verdict : Good

Sizzling otak-otak

We saw a sign displayed at the restaurant promoting their otak-otak (spicy fish paste cake). When we inquired, we were recommended the "sizzling" otak-otak. When it arrived at the table however, it was not sizzling. In fact, I would have described the dish as "steamed otak-otak on an omelette served on a hot plate". The hot plate was not even hot enough to singe the cucumbers. Perhaps the hot plate and egg justified the RM15 price instead of the usual RM8-RM10 for a plain steamed or fried otak-otak ?
Verdict : OK only (considering the price)

Four beans in sambal

This came with baby french beans (instead of the usual long beans), four angle beans, petai and lady's finger slices (which is technically not a type of bean!). It was a pretty small serving but taste wise, it was excellent with enough dried prawns to give it a nice flavor base. RM8.00 for this dish.
Verdict : Excellent

Food here is pretty good, only reason why we don't frequent this place more often is because of the slightly high prices. But it's one of the few places in Kajang to go for crabs. The crab fried with mee-hoon is a dish to try here.

Location : Beside the traffic light junction as you turn into Sungai Jelok (the road leading to the Kajang Prison)

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