Saturday, 3 July 2010

Restoran 52 - Again

We hadn't been to Restoran 52 for some time but a recent chat with my colleague, Derek about this place prompted me to go here again.

We had the Guinness pai kuat (still good), spinach soup with century egg and fish fingers (the best I've had) and fried chicken wings (thumbs up again).
This time, we wanted to try a different fish preparation, so the captain suggested 'lai sar yee'.If you recall, the place thats popular for lai sar yee is Tai Mah, also in Semenyih. We gave it a try and I must say that I was very happy we did. The fish was not as well fried and crispy as the other place but it was nice, fresh and tasty.

The plus point for their version was the pickled cucumber and onion salad, which was served on another plate. Sliced finely and with sufficient vinegar to give it a nice tangy taste, it was a perfect accompaniment for the fish and grainy fried bits.
Verdict : Very good

Stir fried bitter gourd with salted egg. This was done just right. The bitter gourd was nicely bitter and crunchy and the salted egg pieces made it palatable. Gd did not like this very much but it was appreciated by my MIL & SIL. Plus points for it being healthy dish too.
Verdict : Very good

Apologies for the slightly blur images - taken on my handphone - forgot my camera.

Location:-52 Jalan Sungai Lalang
Contact : 87238733 or 0126439892


  1. very nice blog... now I can refer your blog looking for food around.. ^_^

  2. Thank you, that was our whole intention when we started blogging - to share the good food!

    We want to hear from you too - if you have something we haven't discovered so far! Cheers.