Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Sing Kee – Part II

After getting 4 Excellent dish ratings on our last visit (see our first review), we were keen to make another visit to explore Sing Kee's repertoire. And we wanted to try different dishes too. So here's what we had:-

 Steamed wan yee topped with ginger
This style of fish is not very popular with gd and myself although it is our elder brother's favorite. The dishes we have had in the past have tended to be very heavy on the ginger taste that it tends to overpowers the taste of the fish. However on our last visit, we saw this dish on another table and we were told by the lady boss that the customers (who were regulars) always ordered this dish when they came. We found the minced ginger topping on the fish was light and flavorful. It was so tasty that it would have made a great accompaniment for some plain steamed kampong chicken (which we recalled the regulars had also ordered previously). RM30.
Verdict : Excellent

 Thai style chicken
This was recommended by the lady boss and we also saw it on a number of other tables. The chicken pieces were well fried and flavorful and served with julienne cucumber and onions in a tangy chilli sauce. RM18.
Verdict : Very good

 Pork belly (far lam) stir fried with onion shoots
We actually ordered this to see how they manage a relatively simple stir-fry dish. They passed with flying colors – the dish was done just right. RM16.
Verdict : Very good

 Egg foo yong
Another simple dish done with small prawns. Done well again. RM8.
Verdict : Very good.

Sweet potato leaves with fermented bean curd
Yet another simple dish. The this vegetable should not be cooked too long or it becomes soft and soggy. It was done just right here again with the vegetable remaining firm and crunchy and the sauce not to salty. RM6.
Verdict : Very good

Another very satisfying meal. This is definitely a restaurant heading for a place on our Top 10 list. Give it a try and do let us have your feedback. 

Location : 31-33, Jalan 1/6, Seksyen 1, Bandar Teknologi, Jalan Semenyih, 43000 Kajang (located in the row of shops behind the Billion Shopping Centre)
Contact : 017-2451916 or 016-3648296


  1. can i know the company facebook username?Replay needed thank You..

  2. To my knowledge, there is no such facebook page for Sing Kee.

  3. Personal facebook username?reply needed as soon as possible Thank you

  4. Please send your enquiry to We do not provide personal facebook account on our blog pages. Anonymous request will not be entertained. Thank you for your understanding.

  5. Nice post, but this was 3 years ago, any new updates so far? :p