Friday, 27 August 2010

Restoran Sing Kee,Taman Teknologi, Kajang

There is a joy in finding something lost. There is also another type of joy in finding a good restaurant that you thought had closed down. And a joy it was to find Sing Kee again. This is actually the restaurant that used to operate at a temple along Jalan Sg Lallang in Semenyih quite close to where Restaurant 52 is located. We were frequenting Sing Kee more often that the former and had grown quite fond of some of their signature dishes. However earlier this year, we found that a different operator had taken over the business at the temple location. When gd found out that the old operator had shifted to Taman Teknologi nearer to Kajang, we had to make a visit. Here's what we had:-

Steamed tilapia in light soy sauce with cili padi

This is their signature dish. Very simple – light soy sauce with some cili padi for some heat. Well executed and fresh and tasty fish.
Verdict : Excellent

Pork with yam
Pork and yam or Khow yoke is usually slices of pork and yam. The version here however is more aptly described as a pork sandwich with yam inside. A thick slice of pork sliced in two with a piece of yam inserted. The sauce is thick and tasty. Another winner.
Verdict : Excellent

Four angle bean with sambal belacan
Instead of the usual 4 beans mix (sei dai tin wong) with sambal, we asked for the four angle beans only with sambal. The result I must say was even better than the 4 bean mix. 

Verdict : Excellent

 Brinjal with dried prawn
Another component of the sei dai tin wong that we chose to have separately. Again, no regrets. Nice contrast of crunchy dried prawns against the soft brinjal.
Verdict : Excellent

Now with four dishes getting an "Excellent" rating, this place is becoming a contender for a spot on our Top 10 list. But we still need to explore their menu some more. We saw some other tables with some rather interesting dishes; fish maw soup, steamed plain taufoo and wan yee with ginger. Look out for more reviews in future.

Location : Bandar Teknologi, Jalan Semenyih, Kajang (located in the row of shops behind the Billion Shopping Centre)

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