Sunday, 10 June 2012

Arabian House Restaurant

I’d noticed a new Middle Eastern restaurant at Taman Putra, Kajang about a month now. It’s located near the SILK Highway Sg Chua toll plaza. Take the last exit on the left just before the toll plaza heading towards Putrajaya and the restaurant is just on the left side of the exit. It’s brightly lit but does not have much in terms of Middle Eastern décor. 
The waiters are mostly Middle Eastern too and there’s some communication problem when ordering. Best to indicate the numbers on the menu once you’ve made your selection. Asking for explanations of the menu items is not advisable unless you speak Arabic. On our maiden visit, we decided to have a rice and chicken dish and some barbeque meats / mixed grill. Blame it on a menu that is not very clear but both dishes came served with rice.
The ‘Kapsa’ chicken (RM12) was described as ‘tender chicken meat stewed with fragrant rice’. Sounds a bit like briyani? The chicken was truly cooked till tender and practically dropping off the bone. The rice was imbued with the flavors of the chicken and was tasty and flavorful. No gravy was necessary although id did seem rather dry by Asian standards. Highly recommended.
The Mix Grill (RM15) consisted of kebabs and barbeque meats. The lamb kebab was probably the tastiest lamb I’ve ever eaten. Slowly cooked and moist inside, the lamb had also been nicely marinated. Highly recommended. The chicken pieces had a spicy marinade and was similarly moist inside. Highly recommended too. There was a third kebab which was quite pale in color which I assumed was minced chicken. This too was moist inside but lacked the flavors of the lamb and chicken pieces. Overall a great introduction to Middle Eastern grilled kebabs and meats. Served with long grain rice and a sauce on the side, it was good to the last grain. Very good.
The lemon juice with mint drink (RM6) was just the right drink for the hot weather and to end a great meal for Ros. 
I had the Turkish coffee (RM4). If you’ve never had Turkish coffee, be warned that the coffee grains are not strained out. It also has a bitter aftertaste. But I’m a coffee addict so I’ll take my coffee in any style or form. 

We spotted three Middle Eastern cooks in the kitchen. A rotating grill for the grilled chicken and a barbeque pit for the grilled kebabs could be seen too. Overall very authentic and tasty Middle Eastern food. We’ll be returning to try more from their extensive menu. Now, if only we could speak Arabic……..

Location : 1G Jalan Putra Kajang 5, Taman Putra Kajang, 43000 Kajang, Selangor
Contact : 03-87343476


  1. Apa phone number kedai ya? Try call number kat atas tu salah nmber

  2. Sorry, bro. Number should be 03-87403476.

  3. Hello Guys,

    I strongly recommend this restaurant its goood and cheap comparing arab cousin in Bkt.Btng area ... I guess may be 35% cheaper ... Menu are 90% same ... upstairs also got big place for gathering.. but when I went first time on 09/07/12 guy in did not allow 4 people to dine upstairs ... sad any way had good food aslo bought some nice Date-fruits and Turkish delight in the shop next to restaurant.. one little mly guy was at store cash may be 9 or 10 yr old I was amazed by his marketing enthusiasm... wow

  4. Have you try the new franchise Indonesian Sunda restaurant called RUmah Makan Cibiuk which is behind this Arabian Restaurant, waiting to see your entry on this. tq

  5. X sedap....pekrja pengotor

    1. Semasa kami ke sana dua tiga kali, tempat semua bersih dan makanan memang sedap. Pekerja pun sedia menolong. Sorry, tapi tak setuju dengan komen ini.

  6. may i know the operating hours of this restaurant?

  7. Makanan sedap..tempat selesa...layanan baik...boleh ajak kwn2 dtg sini...puas hati .

  8. Don't u have posting for any best restaurant in Puchong Jaya / Kinrara / nearest Area? The most difficult place to find a restaurant.

  9. Saya cark rempah ratus masakan arab...mane ada jual ye

  10. Look out for posts in Puchong / Kinrara in future. We'll try to explore further.

    For Arab cooking ingredients, try the Arab grocery store situated just beside this restaurant. Try also the Pearl Avenue / TLS Apartments area - it's a little Arab area in Kajang. Many of the grocery stores there stock Arabian cooking ingredients.