Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Kg Lobak Thai Seafood & BBQ, Seremban

This is an overdue post from an outing last year. We took a long drive all the way to Jalan Lobak in Seremban to sample some Thai food at the (then) newly opened Kg Lobak Thai Seafood & BBQ restaurant. Located just beside (or behind) the Petronas station along Jalan Lobak, it's easy to find and there's ample parking at the side and front.
We tried some Thai staples. The Chicken Feet Kerabu was was nice and well balanced; sweet, hot and sour as it should be.
The Pandan Chicken was well marinated and tasty. Thumbs up.
The Fish Cake was springy and tasty.
The Tom Yam Soup was suitably hot, sour and slightly sweet too. I personally prefer the tom yam with coconut milk so this version without santan did not hit the spot for me although it was well executed.
The Thai Lemon Sauce Fish on the other hand hit the spot for me and was good to the last bone. Sweet and tangy, the lemon sauce was a perfect foil for the fresh fish.
A small serving of Fried Rice topped off our lunch.
We had a peek in the kitchen and found that it was manned by Thai cooks who cooked everything from scratch, using fresh ingredients.
Overall, a great addition for the Seremban folk craving for authentic Thai food. May be worth the drive down too.

Location : Behind the Petronas station, Jalan Lobak, Seremban, Negri Sembilan.

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