Saturday, 28 June 2014

Le Moon's @ Jade Hills

Jade Hills comes to life with the opening of Le Moon's, a cafe, bakery and 'zakka'.

I haven't found out what 'zakka' means but here's what we have tried.

Confit duck leg. This turned out rather dry and the skin was not crispy as expected.
Thai chicken salad. Crispy fresh vegetables but the 'Thai' chicken was heavy on the turmeric and it did not really have any  Thai chicken to us.

Chocolate Marquee. This was finally redemption for Le Moon's. A rich and not overly sweet chocolate cake served with a raspberry coulis. Great balance of rich and tangy. Excellent.

They serve Illy coffee here, which is reasonably acceptable but unexciting. We also packed some pastries - a Chocolate Danish and a Raisin Danish. Both were suitably flaky and buttery. Excellent and recommended.

Conclusion - Le Moon's is a place to go for a cake and pastries. The food menu (at least the items we tried) needs more work. However they win hands down for The Prettiest Cafe in Kajang. Give it a try.

Location :  18-G, Persiaran Jade Hills Utama 1/1, Kajang
Contact :  012-620-3638 or 010-289-9585

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