Saturday, 27 March 2010

Restoran Tai Mah

I just realised that we have now written about this place since we started blogging last year. Considering that this place is a leading contender for our Top 10 list, that a pretty big omission.

This place is famous for their "lai sar yee" (translated as sandy fish?). The tilapia fish is filleted, sliced and deep fried (including the bones) together with something that gives it a grainy texture (hence the name, sandy fish). The fish is served with thinly sliced (julienne) cucumber and onions in a tangy vinegar sauce. Eaten together, the fish and cucumber is just heavenly. Whoever created the combination deserves a place in the Hall of Fame. The fish is usually picked clean with all but the main skeleton of the fish left behind.
Verdict : Excellent (this dish alone is worth the drive to Semenyih)

Another more recent discovery is the braised pork with preserved vegetabled. A typical Hakka dish, the pork belly is cooked with the mui choy until tender and literally melts in the mouth.
Verdict : Excellent

Another close-up pix of the pork belly. Yummy!

Now for those in the know, this is also the best place in Kajang for a reasonably priced bowl of shark's fin soup. I must admit that I was never a big fan of shark's fin, and now with the anti-shark's fin eco movement, I have even less craving for it. But if you have a bent for it, give it a try here. It's a little starchy but it tastes pretty good. Pardon the half empty bowl, I only realized after it was half gone that I hadn't taken my pix yet. Too busy tucking in the good food.
Verdict : Good

Another signature dish here is taufoo topped with
onions, spring onions and mui choy. A simple but well executed dish.
Verdict : Very good.

The green vegetables are generally well executed. Worth trying are the pork and yam, braised taufoo with mushrooms and sweet sour pork. It's a little difficult to find since it's off the main road so I've included the GPS co-ordinates here.

Location : Along the old Semenyih to Bangi road (State Road B18)
E101 50'29.2" N2 56'44.6"

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