Saturday, 3 April 2010

The best Nasi Lemak in Kajang ?

Gd wrote about this place previously and it gets my vote as the best nasi lemak in Kajang (at the moment anyway). It doesn't have a proper sign-board but I found out the owner is Kak Maznah who also does catering services. Here's what the place looks like from the outside.
The beef rendang is well cooked and has that 'breaks-in-your-mouth' consistency which is the consistency that a rendang should have. Spicy with a tinge of sweetness, the coconut gravy is an almost perfect complement for the nasi lemak. RM3.00 for nasi lemak rendang daging.

If beef is not your cup of tea, go for the sotong. Kak Maznah (no, she's too young to be a Makcik lah) is pretty generous with the sotong. But ask her to pack it separately as she tends to dump a lot of gravy with the sotong, which makes the rice a little soggy. RM3.00 for nasi lemak sotong.

Best go before 9.30 a.m. as the rendang and sotong runs out quickly on weekends. It's usual to see customers packing 10 to 15 packets at one go! It really is value for money!

We're open open for feedback if you can suggest any place with better nasi lemak in Kajang :-)

Location : No. 112, Jalan 5, Section 5, Taman West Country (Langat Jaya?), Jalan Reko, Kajang
Telephone : 012-682 3063 (Maznah)

GPS coordinates : 2.964027,101.790132

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  1. for me 2 choices, nasi lemak at sg long in front of dominos or nasi lemak at maulana mamak taman mesra