Saturday, 14 November 2009

Nasi Lemak @ Section 5 Bandar Baru Bangi (Halal)

Waking up early in the morning dreaming of nasi lemak, I really was in search for the best nasi lemak in Kajang town. Most nasi lemak as I know it, disappoint me - nothing seems consistent, when you find one, it does not last more than 3 months, so here I go again, searching for the best!

I was told about this nasi lemak stall in Section 5 Bandar Baru Bangi (on the way to UKM via Jalan Reko, turn right into Section 5 which used to be West Country Estate) just beside the Shell station. About 100 meters down the road on the right hand side, this Makcik sells Nasi Lemak sandwiched between 2 Indian stalls.

At first glance, it looks all plain but I immediately noticed, she used double banana leaf base to wrap her nasi lemak - she was not stingy! Rice was hot and plentiful and the sambal look mouth watering. I asked for 2 packs (hey! this is part of my work, how else can you write a review?) just to sample both her beef rendang and the sotong sambal, each packed separately. Again, her servings of rendang and sotong sambal was plentiful. Total cost for 2 packs - RM6! Cheap? I thought so - considering the quantity she gave me. It could easily make 4 persons very happy for breakfast.

Nasi Lemak with Rendang
Lots of meat, more then one should be having for a light breakfast. Rendang was just right, not too hard or oily and very chewy. The serving of sambal was enough to make the heap of rice turn bloody red when mixed together. I never did like nasi lemak which was white due to the lack of sambal. Taste was great, though I would have preferred it a little more spicier. This coupled with my hot morning coffee, brought sweat rolling down from the top of my balding head - a sign of approval that the spice level was acceptable. My wish list, add more cucumbers, two thin slices was not enough la makcik ;-)

Nasi Lemak with Sotong Sambal
Makcik scooped a whole spoonful of sotong the dumped it over the nasi lemak which already had it's sambal on it. Mouth watering fiery red sambal was getting my attention, I needed my fix of nasi lemak and hot coffee soon. The sotong sambal did not disappoint as well. The sotong was not rubbery and tasted well cooked with the sambal infused in it. Tasty! More sweat! Good!

I finished off my coffee, and went on to make a 2nd cup to serve as the an after-burner for the double nasi lemak breakfast morning. For coffee lovers, let me recommend to you my personal favourite - and I think, this is the most unassuming coffee in the market. Tesco Instant Coffee + Tesco Coffee Creamer! The blend is perfect and I have ditched Nescafe and Nestle Coffee Creamer a long time ago. My morning starter - 1 tsp of coffee, 3 tsp of creamer and 3 tsp of sugar with freshly boiled water. Stir and drink immediately. Extra sugar in the morning is for the kick-start! Best way to end off a nasi lemak morning. Satisfied! Yes!

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