Tuesday, 22 July 2014

CLOSED - Ipoh Chicken Rice Express @ Pearl Avenue, Sg Chua

Updated as at end August 2014 - it looks like they have ceased operations.

There's a new contender for the best chicken rice in Kajang and it's none other than a branch of PJ's 1977 New Ipoh Chicken Rice restaurant. Branded as Ipoh Chicken Rice Express, this restaurant located at the Pearl Avenue apartments in Sg Chua has been getting mixed reviews so far.

The steamed chicken is decent ennough, although the chicken is not the firm free-range variety. It's also not the soft broiler variety. It's somewhere in between. Good, but not great.
The rice was standard chicken rice fare, flavorful from being cooked in chicken stock (and some margarine I'm sure).The accompanying soup was not outstanding either but the chilli sauce had a pretty decent kick. 
We were quite happy with the bean sprouts. Not the thin, stringy local variety. These were nice and juicy, but not quite as good as the ones you get in Ipoh. Thumbs up anyway.
The hor fun (kway teow or flat rice noodles) had the right texture - smooth and silky. Well complemented by the tasty chicken stock. I would recommend this to go with the chicken instead of rice.
On another visit, I had the curry noodles which was served with the hor fun and steamed chicken. The curry was not too thick or overly creamy with coconut cream. I would recommend this for breakfast.

Prices are rather steep by Kajang standards. Lets see if Kajang folk think that the quality is worth the asking prices. It's not quite the best but there are a few hits and some misses.

Location : Ground Floor, Pearl Avenue, Sg Chua, Kajang.


  1. Reality bites. Each time I passed this place, it was empty - location perhaps? There is more to food business then having a big name I guess. Thanks for the update.

  2. Relocate in Nan Yang Food Garden,KLIA2.

  3. I doubt it was a 'relocation'. If you noticed, the 1977 New Ipoh Chicken Rice has been 'sprouting' everywhere, some successful (Bandar Puteri Puchong) and others not so (Sg. Chua). Also, the original one in Jalan Gasing does not focus on Chicken Rice anymore, most of the patrons go there for the steamed fish and other dishes. Chicken is like a side dish. Are they losing focus?

    All we want is good chicken rice in Kajang, can someone point me to one?