Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Restoran Do Do Do - Tangkak Beef Noodles

I had a short trip to JB last week and chanced upon an article about Tangkak Beef Noodles at Motormouth From Ipoh's blog. I learnt that I did not have to venture far from the Plus highway toll and since it's about 2 hours out of KL, it's actually a great stop on the way to JB. Here's a map to the shop:-
The beef soup was robust and flavorful, no doubt the result of long hours of brewing. The cuts of meat though were soft but still firm - just the right texture. You can choose to have it with lean meat only or with tripe, brisket and tendon. The soup was peppery and the spices were not overpowering. Noodles (I had bee hoon and kuey teow) had enough bite.
Conclusion - an ideal stop on the way to JB. The sign at the shop said they opened until 6.00 pm but on the weekday that I stopped by, they were already packing up at 4.30 pm. Give it a try if you're ever in those parts.

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