Monday, 7 July 2014

Restoran ZZ Mee Rebus Tulang @ Johor Bahru

A colleague of mine told me of a place in Johor Bahru that I 'die-die also must try' when i was there recently. Armed with my Waze, I ended up spending a good 20 minutes circling a residential area looking for the elusive restaurant. When I finally found it, it was a nondescript shack in between some trees with cabana like sheds scattered around in a random fashion. Very kampung-esque.
Putting aside the setting, I went straight for the main course - mee rebus tulang. Two large beef bones with bone marrow inside were heaped onto a serving of tasty mee rebus. The mee rebus was good - not overly sweet or thick and with just the right amount of spices. Topped with some green chillies, the mee rebus alone would be worth a visit here. The tulang (bone) was a little bit of a let down. Maybe because of the hype about it, my expectations were set very high. It turned out to be just OK. I ended up spooning the mee rebus gravy into the bone when sucking out the marrow to give it the extra taste boost. They serve the dish with a straw to facilitate the extraction of the marrow from the bone (brought to mind a phrase from the Dead Poet's Society about sucking out the marrow from life).
The ubiquitous otak-otak (this is the Johor version, served grilled in nipah leaves) was available. This turned out to be just OK, bordering on the bland.
The area is dark and the parking lot nearby is littered with glass fragments from shattered vehicle window glasses. Doesn't give you a sense of security, especially when the owners of the restaurant have also posted up prominent signs at the entrance stating that vehicles are parked at owners' own risk. It wouldn't hurt them to have some security personnel stationed there.

So in conclusions I can say to my colleague Danny, I would go here again if I was in JB - but only with a local and I think I could still live happily even without returning here again.

Location: Off Jalan Petrie, Johor Bahru, Johor
Contact : 012 7227209 / 013 7492671

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