Sunday, 22 November 2009

Happy Happy Cafe - Loh Mee

UPDATE : As at mid-2012, the Loh Mee stall has moved out of this restaurant and only operate at the coffee shop in Sg Chua.

Situated inside Happy Happy Cafe is one of the best Loh Mee stalls in Kajang. The owners started off in a coffee shop in Sg Chua. After establishing a faithful following there, they relocated here, in a corner coffee shop near the AmBank Kajang branch.

It's a pretty basic loh mee ; thick chewy noodles, starchy sauce with egg, pork slices, prawns and some green vegetables. It's tasty and the Myanmar (?) helpers have mastered the art of dishing up the noodles efficiently. So what sets this loh mee apart from all the rest ?Well, it's the chilli sauce that accompanies the noodles. It's a damn potent version. Make sure you have a glass of iced water ready before you try this !

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