Sunday, 1 November 2009

Restoran Ah Fatt, Raub

I was on my road trip again with two old buddies from school, this time we planned a stop over at Raub to do Restaurant Ah Fatt. I had three very good eating experience here prior to this, so I really was looking forward to it.

First up, was the vegetable - kailan. It is always nice to be served the vegetable first as we get to taste how lovely and fresh it really is. With all the meat and fish around, sometimes we don't appreciate the delicious vegetables.

Next up, river fish - for the life of me, I can't remember the names. I will find out and re-edit this blog. This was absolute heavenly - you can taste the freshness and the texture of the flesh is absolute heavenly. It was so inviting just tasting the sauce it came in..... I forgot to take a shot before indulging in it, thus the half eaten photo. My apologies.

River fishes found in popular restaurants in Kuala Lipis and Raub are just heavenly. It is a must have, in these towns. Be warned though, there are the farmed river fishes and the actual ones - you can taste the difference.

Since we were coming out from the chicken farm in Kuala Lipis, we decided to bring along a freshly slaughtered free range Ma Cho Kai and let Ah Fatt prepare us a meal. On two earlier occasions, Ah Fatt did a fantastic job with the Yim Kai (Castrated Chicken) - we all walloped it, some were seen scooping up every drop of gravy from the plate. Today was no different - he gave us a ginger gravy steamed chicken which was very well executed given the short time we gave him to prepare us the meal. We were advised, for something better, send the chicken an hour earlier and expect something better. That aside, the meat was chewy, nice texture, very nice taste and the preparation was just perfect. I am no fan of ginger dishes, but Ah Fatt did real good in making this dish perfect that it was not too gingery. Maybe it was the chicken too.

On the whole - a damn good lunch and I am certainly going back for more of Ah Fatt's specials. I was told, he is the most famous restaurant in Raub and host many local wedding dinners.

To find the restaurant, as you exit the town heading to Kuala Lumpur, KWSP is at the edge of Raub, Restaurant Ah Fatt is just behind KWSP - you can't miss it.

Highly recommended.

BTW. The best Yim Kai I have eaten was cooked by Ah Fatt, however the chicken came from Sunshine Chicken. Ah Fatt prepared the 4kg chicken in two styles, one was a plain steam chicken and the other was with a gingery spicy paste. Absolutely delicious - I now benchmark Yim Kai to this standard.

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