Friday, 13 November 2009


This is a recent visit to one of our Top 10 places to eat. It was an impromptu visit so we did not pre-order their specialty (the stuffed eight-treasure duck)
The atmosphere at the restaurant is very laid-back. The village folk are usually hanging-around having their meals here, and there always seems to be a table of old folks drinking tea and chatting. You can walk into the kitchen, have a chat with the Chef (Loo) and check what’s fresh or any specials available. Gd ventured into the kitchen and spotted a pot of ‘char yoke’ which he just had to try. Here’s what we had:-

1. “Char yoke” Braised pork belly with black fungus
This is a dish that is best pre-cooked and left for the fried pork pieces to infuse the gravy. This dish did not disappoint – full of flavor and with crunchy black fungus.
Verdict : Very good

2. Butter style deep fried fish
This style of preparation is usually done with prawns but we had it with deep fried tilapia fish here. This is one of their signature dishes as well. There are many fish ponds around Broga so you can be assured of the freshest and best tasting fish here. The butter bits were scrummy and every morsel was polished off.
Verdict : Excellent

A picture paints a thousands words, so from the photo of the fish bones picked clean, you can gather what we thought of this dish !

3. “Taufoo” soup
It was a cold rainy day and we wanted to have some soup. The Chef suggested we try this soup which he described as being similar to the sharks fin soup without the sharks fin. We found it rather bland as the other ingredients such as crab meat and chicken shreds had also been omitted.
Verdict : OK

4. Fresh green vegetables
Vegetables here are sourced from the vegetable farms around Broga. Fresh, crunchy and well executed.
Verdict : Good

It’s easy to spot Chef Loo. He’s the guy with a earring!
Location : 2795 Jalan Tokong, Pekan Broga, 71750 Seremban, Negri Sembilan
Contact : 016 381 8038 (Loo Thian Sing)

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