Monday, 1 February 2010

Nasi kerabu Taman Sentosa, Sg Jelok

I wrote about the Best Nasi kerabu in Kajang before and this was the top choice. I described it as a decrepit shack and here's what the stall looks like:-
The blue nasi kerabu (rice with raw vegetables and herbs) comes with half a telur asin (salted egg). They are generous with the chopped ulam (raw vegetables and herbs) and taugeh (bean sprouts). The addition of budu (a preserved fish sauce) and chilli sauce make for the perfect nasi kerabu. This is what the nasi kerabu with ayam goreng looks like. The chicken is tasty and flavorful, thank to a spicy and slightly sweet marinade.
The daging bakar (grilled beef) too is tasty and flavorful too, though the meat cuts had some tendons in it, making it a little tough and chewy.
Both the nasi kerabu ayam and daging were RM3.50 each. Much better than some of the so-called Nasi Ulam and Nasi Kerabu specialty restaurants that seem to be sprouting up of late.
The stall is located at Lorong Sentosa 1, Taman Sentosa, Sg Jelok, Kajang (off the road leading to the Penjara Kajang).


  1. Looks good must try it... Subang

  2. This I haven't tried, ta'pau one for me next time! If it looks good, must taste good?

  3. Hi! Great blog. My husband's from Kajang, and we still go back to Kajang often because of family. Will check out all your recommendations for future visits. :-)

  4. LL - glad to be of assistance. We enjoy your blog on KL food places too.