Saturday, 27 February 2010

Seatown Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant is located within the premises of a temple located along Jalan Reko, close to where gd lives. We’ve been frequenting this place over the years and seen several changes in management. Some were more successful than others and this is the first time we were eating here since the current management took over (which is a few months ago).

We chatted with one of the bosses (BIG guy, literally) and learnt that they used to operate in Semenyih for a short while, and prior to that in Kajang Utama (as a steamboat restaurant). So they’ve been in the food business for some time now and have had the opportunity to come up with some specialities.

Here’s what we had:-

Shark slices in a curry sauce with ladies fingers. Now this was really good. Almost as good as our mother’s shark curry. Coming from an Indian, that is the greatest compliment for a Chinese cook! According to the BIG guy, they sell over 300kg of shark a month and is one of their signature dishes.
Verdict : Excellent

La-la fried with egg. And no, it’s not “oh-chien”. It’s more like the Chinese omelette; “fu yong tan”. The la-la used is the small variety. It was tasty enough to be eaten without chilli sauce. Anyway, they gave us a bottle of 'Maggi' chilli sauce when we asked for sauce, which means that they did not expect a sauce to be used.
Verdict : Very good.

Sin kong fau-foo. It was a Friday so we skipped the meat on this dish. Despite the lack of meat, the results were pretty good. Would have been better with some slices of siew yoke.
Verdict : Good

Four beans fried with sambal. The dish was tasty but a bit dry. Quite generous with the petai too. But it somehow lacked the sambal “kick” normally associated with this dish.
Verdict : Good

Note to self : Must try the Guiness pai-kuat next visit. The next table had this dish and the aroma was mouth-watering.

Location : 1-6-39A, Batu 16 Jalan Reko,43000 Kajang (after Taman Seri Langat on the left side of the road as one travels towards Bangi).
Tel : 016-2459431

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  1. 2 thumbs-up for the shark curry! It certainly was good and that is enough for you to finish a plate of rice! I am going back for more!