Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Steamboat Restaurant at Kajang Prima

We've been to this place a few times in the past and have generally found the food here to be good. The name of the restaurant indicates that it specializes in steamboat but a quick look around would reveal that many patrons here order from the a-la-carte menu. On our last visit, we decided to try a few of the house "specialties". Here's what we had:-

1. Braised pork leg
This was rather disappointing, considering that it is their specialty. The pork leg was tender but but had not absorbed the flavors of the gravy, which was a little flat. The dish here pales in comparison to the version at Min Kee.
Verdict : OK

2. Herbal fish head soup
Now this was a rather unusual dish. The fish head (was it the wan yee ?) was chopped into pieces and cooked in a soup consisting of various Chinese herbs including tong kwai. The soup was mild and flavorful.
Verdict : Good

3. Deep fried "special" taufoo
The taufoo is mixed with fish paste and deep fried. It was tasty, crunchy on the outside and moist inside. The chilli sauce to accompany tasted like it came from a bottle and was unexciting.
Verdict : Good

4. "Pakis" vegetable with sambal belacan
The fern shoots are stir fried with a sambal belacan paste. The version here is quite good, and even tastier than the version at Wan Fatt
Verdict : Very good

This is a good place for a decent steamboat in Kajang. It is located at a corner lot in the row of shops behind the HSBC Bank at Kajang Prima (we'll update the correct name later)

Note to self : Must try the steamed fish on our next visit. The aroma of the dish from a neighboring table was truly enticing !

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