Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Old Man Restaurant, Sg Chua - New Location

Our Top 10 pick, the Old Man Restaurant in Sg Chua has recently moved to spanking new premises in Taman Kajang Impian which is just further down the road from their old location. We went by recently to check out the new place. They have certainly expanded their operations - occupying two double storey shoplots. Half of one lot downstairs serves as a kitchen and the remaining area is non air-cond dining area (fan cooled) . Upstairs is an air-cond dining area.

Here's what we had:-

1. Steamed tilapia in assam sauce
The fish came in a thick dark sauce so much so that we could hardly make out the fish. After digging in, we found it was actually half a fish (one side only) ? Very strange for tilapia to be served this way. The sauce was suitably sour but is was much to starchy for our liking. And at RM33, it was pretty steep as well for half a fish.

Verdict : OK only

2. Sweet sour pork
This is one dish we order when we want to test a restaurant. A pretty simple dish but sometimes difficult to execute. The dish here was done well with the pork slices crispy and the sauce sweet and sour (like is is supposed to be).
Verdict : Very good

3. Gui Lin taufoo
A piece of deep fried taufoo topped with minced meat and some sort of vegetable - couldn't quite make it out. Tasted good but not really exceptional.
Verdict : Good

4. Mixed vegetable with gobo
I had to Google to find the correct translation for gobo which is burdock root. Supposedly a medicinal root, this dish was much appreciated by my mother-in-law. I found it rather plain. It was RM18 for a pretty small serving but I'll give it extra points for the medicinal properties.
Verdict : Good

5. Hong Kong kailan
This was rather flat and tasteless.
Verdict : Poor

Prices are a tad higher at their new premises. And the clean new floors really show up the dirt. Not very clean downstairs. Maybe the air-cond section upstairs would have been a better choice.You can read our previous review of this restaurant for some of our favorites.

Location : No 5& 7 Jalan Kajang Impian 1/11, Taman Kajang Impian, Bandar Baru Bangi, Kajang
Telephone : 012-345 0575


  1. Even before I stepped into the new restaurant, I had voiced my reservations about this place - my last 3-4 visits here (the old place) was NOT memorable - Yes! they do have good photos, they have long list on the menu and very innovative dishes and very nice people running the place, but taste wise, something was missing - nothing memorable.

    Having dinner here today, went on to affirm what I've been saying - nothing fantastic. What was more disappointing was the price - it seems to be going up all the time. These fancy name dishes with fancy toppings - they also come at fancy prices, be warned, but no fancy memories to remember them by. I am starting to have my doubts about this place.
    That said, if you want something fancy and now with air-cond. environment, here is a new place for you. Fancy Yes!

  2. We'll I guess thats the price of success. After being featured on TV's Ho Chak programme, customers came in droves, so much so that it became almost impossible to eat here on Saturdays and Sundays. The new premises with more tables seems to have solved the capacity problem but the food quality has deteriorated.

    Well there's only so much that one chef can do so I guess he has passed some duties to his Myanmarese cooks. I recall once when we went to the old place, they introduced us to a chicken dish which was the specialty of the Myanmarese cooks - a kind of sour curry.