Monday, 14 June 2010

Restoran AG Seafood Sdn Bhd

UPDATE : As at mid-2012, this restaurant has ceased operations.

This is another restaurant located in Kajang town which we have tried several times before but on which we have not done a proper review. There used to be another operator at this location previously under a different name and their specialty was claypot loh shee fun (rat's tail noodles), but that was many years ago. The current operator has been here for at least 5 years. So we decided to give it a critical look this time.

Here's what we had:-
1. Assam steamed tilapia. This was actually described to us as "tiga rasa" but it's more aptly described as assam (sour) fish. The tilapia was fresh (full marks for that) and the assam gravy was suitably sour thanks to the use of pineapple. There were also brinjals, long beans and lady's finger (I think) in the curry gravy. The fish and gravy were promptly polished off - top marks from us including Jeremy who is quite discerning about curry. This would make an excellent one-dish meal with fish and vegetables in one serving.
Verdict : Excellent

2. Honey marmite pai kuat (pork ribs) - instead of the usual honey or marmite ribs, why not combine the honey and marmite? The results are pretty good. Another dish that was polished off promptly.
Verdict : Very good

3. Special taufoo with minced pork - three pieces of their 'special' taufoo fried and topped with mince meat.
Would have been better with some gravy.
Verdict : Good

4. Sweet potato leaf with preserved bean curd sauce - they were pretty generous with this dish but watch out for the bird's eye chillies (cili padi). As usual, most of it ended up in my sister-in-law's plate - and she has low tolerance for chillies !
Verdict : Good

5. Foo yong tan (egg omelet with prawns and onions). This was another generous serving. Well executed.
Verdict : Good

The total bill was RM82 for 5 dishes for 7 of us with tea and rice. Pretty reasonable. The restaurant is located close to the Jalan Mendaling Temple Restaurant that we have blogged about previously and is actually situated within the grounds of another larger temple located diagonally across from the other place. The entrance to the restaurant is via a side gate (which is actually behind Maybank's Kajang branch). There's an air-cond room here but we chose to dine el-fresco as the air-cond room was rather cold. Certainly a place worth returning for the fish. We'll be trying out more in future I'm sure.

Location : Situated with the temple grounds along Lorong Mendaling, Kajang Town.


  1. I would highly recommend the assam fish, well executed and probably the best tasting asam fish in Kajang!

  2. The restaurant was not there anymore. Did anyone know where the restaurant has moved to?

  3. This is news to me, cause I just saw it operating the other day. Sure you got the right place? It is exactly behind the Maybank Kajang building. The back of Maybank is in front of this restaurant. I shall go check this out if they really moved. The asam fish here is superb!