Monday, 7 June 2010

Restaurant Fish Valley Semenyih

I must thank Simon Phun for his photographs of this place which lead us to go in search of the same. And it really wasn't too difficult to find, even at night. It's about 3.5 k.m from the Jalan Semenyih junction and past our favorite Restoran 52.

We did not expect such a large restaurant in the middle of nowhere and were pleasantly surprised to find rows of vehicles (lots of luxury sedans) parked outside the restaurant. Luxury cars = expensive ??? It was bustling on a Friday night (but it was also a public holiday for Wesak Day) and most tables were full. There are easily about 50 tables here, making it a pretty big operation. Here's what we had:-

Nyonya steamed tilapia fish. This was recommended as the house specialty and was said to be quite mild. The 'mild' turned out to be tear-inducing for my sister-in-law but was greatly enjoyed by the rest of us. The blend of herbs and spices used to create the Nyonya sauce gave it a pungent, spicy and slightly sour taste which complemented the fresh tilapia.
Verdict : Very good

Marmite chicken. This was supposed to be a non-spicy dish for my sister-in-law again but it arrived with chilli padi in the sauce! It just wasn't her day, but no complaints from the rest of us. The sauce was sweet and tasty but not really exceptional.
Verdict : Good

Stir-fried four beans with belacan. They were generous with the petai but taste wise, it was OK only and a bit oily.
Verdict : OK

Clear Soup Tom Yam. Notice the dried chillies in it! potent! They have a different version with santan (coconut cream) but my sister-in-law preferred the clear version. I personally prefer the santan version as the mild sweetness of the santan tempers the fiery pungency of the chillies. Don't have this on a hot day - truly sweat inducing.
Verdict : Good

Full marks on ambiance! A place to entertain your guest in style.
BTW. It is 'pork free' but not quite sure if it's halal.

Location : Fish Valley Semenyih, Sri Haneco Industrial Park, Jalan Kachau, Semenyih, Selangor
Contact : 012-3825518 & 016-2784092


  1. great... new place for dinner.. ^_^

  2. Hi Cath, we'd love to hear about your favorite places too.


  3. Great food, great view...reasonable price. Efficient staffs, n friendly Taukeh n TaukehSoh...

  4. pork free...but halal or not??thats is very important for muslim customer
    please advice

  5. no halal cert, if that is what you asking for. i dont believe I saw one. but they have muslim workers there.

  6. its co owned by muslim and his chinese partners - that what written on Kosmo news today

  7. Thanks for the info. They do serve beer, so I guess won't be getting official halal certificate. But is certainly pork free.