Monday, 19 October 2009

Restoran 52

This restaurant has been around for a long time and is well known among the people in Semenyih where it is located. It is very popular with the working crowd at lunch time and slightly less busy at dinner time (except weekends and public holidays). It's a rather new discovery for us though - we had been frequenting a place further along the same road but only recently decided to give this place a try. My brother prefers to other place down the road but I like the variety of dishes at this place. Here are some of the dishes that we have tried:-

1. Oil cooked tilapia with soy sauce (their Signature dish)

It looks like a steamed fish but it is actually cooked in hot oil. The temperature of the oil has to be perfect and the timing just right to prevent the fish from turning crisp or burning. The cooking style produces a firm and well cooked fish whilst the light soy sauce with garlic, chilli padi and garlic brings out and complement the natural flavours of the fresh tilapia.
Rating : Very good

2. Pork ribs in Guinness sauce / Guinness pai kuat (another signature dish)

Many restaurants serve this dish but this must be one of the best I have ever had. The caramelized Guinness stout is thick and sticky and coats the pork ribs in a delicious black layer. This will definitely leave you licking your fingers and asking for more.
Rating : Excellent - must try.

3. Salt & pepper fried chicken wings

This is a popular order here and is on their list of recommended dishes. It's pretty simple, fried chicken wings with salt and pepper - but done to perfection.
Rating : Excellent - must try.

4. Spinach soup with century egg and fishcake

Another simple dish but done really well. I can't resist this every time I go here.
Rating : Very good

5. Fish head curry

A pretty good version but a bit heavy on the coconut cream (santan). There's lots of vegetables in the curry too so it could make a good one-dish meal with rice.
Rating : Good

6. Butter squid (sotong)

This preparation is usually done with prawns, but can be done here with squid too. The result - great. Crunchy squid with fried egg butter strands and crispy curry leaves.
Rating : Very good.

7. Kam heong prawns

Again, a common dish but well executed here. The prawns were fresh and juicy too.
Rating : Very good

8. Long beans and brinjals stir fried with dried prawns

This is similar to the usual 4 bean vegetables (petai, long beans, brinjals and four-angle beans) but done with just the long beans and brinjals - which are my favorites. Not too oily and with lots of dried prawns.
Rating : Good

They have a printed menu with their popular dishes listed at the end. Prices are pretty reasonable.

52 Jalan Sungai Lalang
Contact : 87238733 or 0126439892

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  1. Yes, the fish is their speciality.