Sunday, 25 October 2009

The "Temple Restaurant", Jalan Mendaling

Right at the 'bend' of Mendaling Street in Kajang, there is a restaurant that has been there for about 30-40 years now, surviving many recessions and new competition. This restaurant, which does not have a sign board or name, operates on the grounds of a temple situated along Jalan Mendaling in the heart of old Kajang town. We affectionately refer to it as the "Temple Restaurant". The kitchen and part of the restaurant are actually situated under an elevated performance stage for the temple! You could try the "under-stage" dining experience or eat at the tables set at the spectator area.

Not having a name or sign-board, it is understandably frequented by the Kajang town-folk and those in the know only. They do not have an extensive menu but what is available is well executed. The cooks are conscientious about not using too much salt or MSG, so you need to add soy sauce if the dishes are too flat for your liking.

The Hokkiens' in Kajang town swear by this restaurant and the Hokkien Mee is certainly a signature dish. Before you rush over to try it, let me warn you - it is the simplicity of the Hokkien Mee that attracts the diners here. I swear, the level of MSG here will disappoint many, but heck - it is also the reason why, they have so many regular customers.

Their noodle dishes are generally recommended. Some of favourites are:-

1. Hokkien mee

The noodles are home made and have a softer and chewy texture which blends well with the dark sauce. Best eaten with the chilli "sambal" which is available on request, mixed with some soy suace.
Rating : Very good and recommended.

2. Fried tang hoon (glass noodles)

This dish is done using less oil. The crunchiness in the noodles comes from the addition of strips of cabbage. Tiny prawns and fried egg make this a tasty favourite with the regulars.
Rating : Very good

3. Fried rolls

They have three varieties here, pork, fish or vegetable. All are good but we prefer the pork as it is the tastiest. Served with their home-made chilli sauce. A great choice to accompany the noodles.
Rating : Very good and recommended.

4. Fish maw cooked in an egg sauce

The fish maw is cooked in a sauce similar to the Cantonese sauce consisting of lettuce, carrot and egg in a starchy sauce.
Rating : Good

5. Char yoke (fried pork with black fungus)

This is a dish that would benefit from being cooked and left overnight to allow the sauce to seep into the pork. The dish here is prepared on order so it is not exactly the best dish to order.
Rating : OK

Other popular dishes here are the loh mee (recommended) and Cantonese fried noodles. Best of all, the prices at this simple restaurant will make you fall off your chair. Perhaps that is the reason why it has been so popular for over 40 years!

Location : Temple off Jalan Mendaling, Kajang Town


  1. Hi Bros, perhaps put a pic of yourselves in the blog...more believable ma..surely people will believe when you say good shit...come on guys you can do it!!

  2. Psst...we're media shy bloggers la. Perhaps one day....

  3. Hi which one is this? I only know the Chinese temple at Jalan Mendaling at the corner has a rojak cendol stall. Is this the place and the Hokkien restaurant only open in the evening?

  4. Yes, it is that corner of Mendaling Street - cendol stall. FYI. They cease operations few months ago, about Hari Raya time as Indon workers were going back home and never reopened. Sorry.