Monday, 18 October 2010

Restoran One One Three, Dengkil

Gd and myself have eaten at Restoran One One Three in Dengkil several times and it's become our regular joint if we need to go down to KLIA or LCCT to pick up or send anyone at these airports. Located just before Dengkil town as you come from Putrajaya, it's popular with students from Putrajaya and Cyberjaya and also local Dengkil folks too. Don't be put off by the signboard outside highlighting various expensive types of seafood (empurau, umur-umur, sultan and bamboo fish), they have dishes to suit all budgets. We've seen many tables with crabs here, so it must be popular here. We haven't tried the crabs though, but here's what we have tried:-

Steamed tilapia fish in cheong-cheng (spicy chilli) style
The sauce was suitably thick and pungent from the use of lots of chillies. Slightly sweet as well from the use of sugar to counter the heat, the gravy is great when eaten with rice. Fried pork lard pieces (chee yau char) lent a wonderful aroma to the gravy. The fish was fresh and firm and steamed to perfection. This was a well executed dish.

Tung po meat with fried buns
One of their signature dishes, the very fatty pieces of pork (fat content was more than 50%!) are slow braised in a sweet sauce until soft and tender. Split open the accompanying fried buns, insert the meat and it's a truly sinful and decadent sandwich treat. It's really nice but we'd think twice before ordering again in the near future due to the high fat content. 
Baby French beans stir fried with garlic
Crunchy baby French beans quickly stir fried with some garlic. Simple and nice. Very good.
Special taufoo with minced meat
Another of their signature dishes. A soft rectangular piece of fried taufoo topped with a tasty minced meat sauce. Very good.

The expensive fishes look interesting – we may give it a try sometime soon. Look out for more reviews in future.

Location : No 1, Taman Sri Dengkil, Jalan Air Hitam, 43800 Dengkil, Selangor
Contact : 017-660 0113 or 012-626 8961

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