Saturday, 31 October 2009


This restaurant has changed management many times over the years. In fact, the Bukit Mewah Restaurant (one of our Top 10) used to operate here some time ago.

The current operators Ah Tian and Ah Chong (hence the name Chong Tian, duh) are relatively new and we are still experimenting with their food here. The general verdict so far has been good. Some dishes here are pretty unique or rare dishes. Here are some of our recent discoveries.
1. Assam fish
This can be done with either tilapia or siakap. We prefer the tilapia as it is meatier. The assam gravy is spicy and sour thanks to the addition of pineapple slices and assam keping.
Verdict : Very good and recommended

2. Braised duck

This is a pretty rare dish these days as it needs many hours of cooking to make the duck tender. The duck here was cooked until practically falling off the bones. The gravy was full of flavour from the spices used. It is not available on order but can be pre-ordered (RM55 per duck) or if you are fortunate as we were, you could get it on certain days when it is pre-prepared by the cook (ask for the days 'special').
Verdict : Very good

3. Sweet sour pork

OK, we ordered this just to test them. If you can get a simple dish like sweet and sour pork right, then the cook should know his stuff right ? Well, the cook here passed with flying colours. The pork was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The sauce was ... sweet and sour as it is supposed to be ! Pineapple was again used to give the sauce a tangy edge. Great!
Verdict : Very good and recommended

4. Baby french beans with garlic

A simple dish done well leaving the beans juicy and crunchy.
Verdict : Good

Some of the other dishes we have had here include:-
i) Lotus leaf wrapped tilapia fish - this is one of their speciality dishes, but we prefer this dish at Bukit Mewah Restaurant. Their version is pretty good too and gets the thumbs up from us.
ii) "Shanghai style" pai kuat - a unique dish here but is only available on certain days. The pork ribs are cooked in a sweet sauce with some spices which seeps into the meat. This was a real hit with my wife and mother-in-law.

A simple chicken soup is thrown in for free if you order rice and dishes a-la-carte. If they keep turning up great dishes, this place will be contender for our next Top 10 list.

Location : 45 Jalan Bukit Mewah 11, Taman Bukit Mewah, Off Jalan Semenyih, Kajang.
(this is an end lot at a row of shophouses where Lawrence Klinik is located at. Contact : Ah Tian (017-355 5138) Ah Chong (016-977 1592)

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