Thursday, 15 October 2009

Crab feast at Fook Loy Restaurant

Our first entry is a crab fest at Fook Loy in Sg Chua, Kajang. The crabs were our own - sourced from a supplier. One HUGE Alaskan crab weighing over 1 kg and three smaller Bangladeshi (yes! Bangla) crabs weighing over 2 kg. The Alaskan crab was cooked with meehoon (pix above) and the crab juices seeped into the noodles making it one of the tastiest noodles we had ever eaten.

The mud crabs were cooked in 2 different styles - kam heong and butter with salted egg. The kam heong here was rather different with the addition of curry power and lemongrass (serai). A little odd actually. The butter with salted egg crabs turned out better and was promptly polished off. Very good in our humble opinion!

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