Friday, 16 October 2009

Chicken Farm Visit with Press

Having the privilege to be with the press (mainstream Chinese media) on a visit to the Sunshine Chicken Farm (, I did not want to miss out on this first hand tour and more importantly, the feast awaiting us - my first bite at the Yim Kai (Capon/Castrated chicken). It took about 3 hours from Kajang, 2 hours or so from Kuala Lumpur to reach the farm in Kuala Lipis.

First thing you will notice on the farm, this unique grass - Ma Cho (or horse grass) - seen all over the farm. These lucky free range chickens get to run around and feast on them juicy grass all day long. It is said, this grass gives the chicken a special flavour when cooked - and this was about to be tested over lunch. Awaiting us was a meal with the Yim Kai as the main course of our lunch with the pressmen.

Restaurant Fung Seng Lao is located next to KFC, as you enter Kuala Lipis town and food here has never let us down.

First out was that Huge Yellow Bird, placed on a big plate for us to snap away. The chef wanted us to see for ourself, how big this chicken really was! It was huge and the yellow colour was just so natural and lovely. Then back to the kitchen went our chicken to be cut for the feast. A feast it was - the Yim Kai was absolutely marvelous. Chicken never tasted better. The yellow skin was so inviting, the thin layer of fat underneath the skin was absolutely sinful, taken together with the chicken and skin, it was perfect! The texture of the meat was right, slightly chewy with a little 'spring' to it.

The dip that came with the dish was complementing but minus the dip, the chicken was already tasty. This chicken passed the acid-test - plain steam with a little soya sauce and salt, to bring out the real taste of the chicken and that it did! This was a tasty chicken and it really reminded me of tasty chickens we had at home, some 30 years ago - nostalgic !

The other dishes was very tasty, the fresh farm vegetables, the fish ball soup - made locally from the river 'parang' fish. This restaurant also dishes out one of the best 'wild boar' dish I have ever tasted. It surely is worth the drive up to Kuala Lipis for this.

BTW. You have to call and book your Yim Kai in advance, if you are planning a feast at this restaurant. Ma Cho Kai is available all the time, they get it directly from the farm and it does not get any better then this.

Restoran Fung Seng Lao
Tel: 09-312 5072
Kuala Lipis, Pahang

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