Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Our review system

If you are wondering why everything is rated Good, Very Good and Excellent so far, it's because we've been reviewing our Top 10 favourite places first. Generally however, our ratings would mean:-
  • Excellent - really good stuff and you should give it a try. May indicate a unique dish or speciality of the restaurant.
  • Very good - really good too but it may be a more common dish. Indicates that it is well executed.
  • Good - it passes our taste test and gets our thumbs up.
  • OK - means that the results are so-so only. May indicate inconsistency in execution.
  • Skip - this is our thumbs down.
We do not do paid reviews and all our meals are paid from our own pockets (did we mention the hole in our pockets?). The idea for this blog is to share the places we enjoy with fellow foodies out there. We hope that you will take the 30 minute drive from KL (or from wherever you are) to experience some good 'small town' kampong style cooking which is fast disappearing in KL.

Bon apetit !

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