Saturday, 14 August 2010

The "1 Malaysia Non-Halal Sandwich"

Inspired by a blog article about a place in Penang that sells 14 inch You Tiao or Yaw Char Kwai, I had to experiment myself. Now the You Tiao is certainly a versatile item. It can be eaten plain, dipped in a kopi-O, dunked in your curry mee or bak kut teh to soak up the gravy or even stuffed with fish paste and fried as a yong tau foo item. I've mopped up balance chicken and fish curry too - excellent.

So why not use it as a sandwich ? And thats exactly what I used for. And the filling ? A few slices of bacon and 2 pork sausages (sliced in half). Fry up the bacon and sausages, slice the You Tiao, put the filling in and serve with chilli sauce, mustard or any preferred sauce. The crunchy texture of the You Tiao and crispy bacon will contrast with the soft sausage filling.

Now this is a recipe that will work with tuna, chicken, turkey of any conventional sandwich filling. Give it a try. It may even take off and give Oliver's and O'Brian's a run for their money.

Note : with regards to the name, I think that as far as food is concerned, there's at least 2 Malaysia - the halal Malaysia and the non-halal Malaysia. But as our PM says, we can all still be 1Malaysia, right ?


  1. It is dangerous to leave you at home with left-overs in the fridge!

  2. just reading it made my chrorestol level shoot up but I'm sure it will taste really good. Maybe I'll try it one day after a really good workout. Cheers. Tomtom

  3. everything deep fried??? not oily ka the combination? :p