Sunday, 8 August 2010

'Longkang' Bah Kut Teh along Jalan Semenyih

The weird name comes from the big drain next to this Bah Kut Teh house (house turned into shop) which has no name. Since there was no name, we commonly referred to it as the longkang-bah-kut-teh.  It is a corner house under a big tree along the Jalan Semenyih road at the traffic light junction into the Bukit Mewah area. You can easily miss it as you drive by if you are not observant enough.

The taste of the bah kut teh here is nowhere near longkang water (which is what some of the other bah kut teh shops in Kajang serve - with the exception of the market-side - Da Chong food court's bah kut teh which commands some respect). The soup has a strong flavour - much like the better ones found in Klang, especially that one opposite Lembaga Tabung Haji building in downtown Klang.

What got my attention was the Quail's egg added in the bah kut teh, very different. Also, the person preparing the bah kut teh, is a lady!, just like the other good one in Klang. You have to taste it to appreciate it - it is hard to describe bah kut teh. I just love it and I put it as the best in Kajang, even on par with Klang. Frankly, I don't have to drive to Klang anymore, to enjoy good bah kut teh! Period!

Footnote from Jon : Whilst the BKT here is pretty good, we try to avoid the place on rainy days when they get more customers looking for a hot bowl of soup. The operators tend to water down (dilute) the soup to create more volume of sales. It's a pity because the quality suffers. Also, they put in the tau-foo pok  into the claypot soup which adds a peculiar alkaline taste. If you must have the tau-foo pok, as for it in a seperate bowl. Side dishes here include braised chicken feet served in the same BKT gravy, chicken cooked in claypot (fa diew kai) and leafy greens which are all done quite well.


  1. Hey, you did not taste the stewed pork really good. Cheers. Tomtom

  2. Tomtom,

    The stewed pork leg (still attached to the bone) in full length at Balakong is much better. It melts in your mouth, sinfully good!

    SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: You will get an overdose of fat with this dish!