Sunday, 8 August 2010

Satu Ringgit @ Restoran Lian Heng

Of late I've been scouring my food old guides for any good food places around Kajang (in the unlikely event that that we may be unaware of the same!). One place that was highlighted the Flavours Good Food Guide (May-June 2007) was Restoran Lian Heng, affectionately known to locals as "Satu Ringgit" (one dollar). I haven't learnt the story behind the shops's nick-name but we've actually been frequenting this place for the last 20 years or so. Food is pretty decent and prices are reasonable, which may explain why the place is always crowded.

Here's what we had on a recent visit:-

Assam fish
The tilapia fish was fresh and the assam gravy was slightly sour as it should be. There were sufficient brinjals, lady's fingers, tomatoes and onions to make it a good one-dish meal with rice. Quite reasonable at RM23.
Verdict : Very good

Braised chicken in claypot
The chicken was cooked with spring onions in a thick brown sauce and served with tofu puffs (tau-fu pok). Pretty good but not outstanding. RM14 for this dish.
Verdict : Good

Special taufoo topped with minced meat
Fried pieces of soft smooth taufoo topped with a tasty minced meat sauce. Apparently one of their specialties. Very reasonable at RM7 only.
Verdict : Very good

Sweet Potato shoots with fermented bean curd
A simple vegetable dish, well executed. Another reasonable RM7 dish!
Verdict : Good 

Satu ringgit is close to where our eldest brother lives in Sg Chua and this is one of his favorite places. His favorite dish here is the ginger fish (steamed fish topped with minced ginger sauce), but we find the ginger sauce tends to overpower the flavor of the fish. We prefer the assam style or cheong cheng. Another dish that is popular with regulars here is the belly pork (far lam) stir fried with onions. 

As I mentioned earlier, the food is pretty decent, but not particularly outstanding. That explains why it is not on our Top 10 list. I was rather surprised when it turned up in the Flavours guide previously. If I'm missing some outstanding dish here, please enlighten me. Low prices are a draw but I'll stick with my Top 10.

Location : No 1 Jalan Lee Yen Kee, Taman Lee Yen Kee, Sungai Chua, Kajang

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