Sunday, 8 August 2010

Spare Parts Galore @Market-side

Once upon a time, up on a hill not far from the Kajang market, lived this old man and his wife, who opened their stall at 12:30pm every afternoon, to serve you the best spare-parts imoney can buy! And it really didn't cost much.

This elderly couple has been around since the Bazaar days, if oldies can remember them well enough. They now share the grounds of other equally famous - Curry Laksa stall and the Porridge Stall both found only in the mornings. This couple operate from 12:30 onwards till stock runs out - I was told quite fast too, so don't go late, you have been warned.

Simplicity in simpleton is what this place is about and it certainly won't burn a hole in your pocket. This is poor man's food but tasty if you care to indulge. First off, the base; I was out with my partner in crime and he went for the dry kway teow, me - mee hoon-mee. The gravy that goes on it is the secret to making it tasty - it takes hours of cooking to get the potent gravy.

Next up, the main dish - a collection of various spare parts - intestines - big and small, stomach, ears, liver sausage, meat balls etc. I should mention here that the roasted pork here is really good - remember to add that in too.
And the complimentary spicy soup is a must to wash it all down. You can even add it to your dry mee to make it a bit 'wet'. They have soupy base noodles too, if you wish so.

My Subang Jaya friend who drives down on Sundays just to have this claims it is very hard to find this type of meals nowadays, not in PJ or KL, therefore he drives down here to indulge in it. I don't blame him too, having this took me back 30 years to the good'ol days when my dad brought us out to appreciate these small things in life. Today, I look forward to having a bunch of friends sitting and indulging in this sort of meal! It is simply different. I call it the spare-parts-galore at simpleton! I don't expect this to last forever - it seems to be a sunset business.

Top of the hill, other side of the wet market in Kajang - the upper part of the car park, near Wisma Apex.
2 of us pigging-out (pun intended) - RM13
3 of us really pigging out big time - RM32 (we were absolutely stuffed!)

Warning: If you are adventurous, try it. If you are one of those who can't handle spare-parts, avoid it.
Also available, normal roasted pork & meat balls for the faint-hearted.

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  1. The stuffed intestines (siew cheong) is really tasty here. My favorite are the fried meat balls. If you do not prefer the spare parts then stick to a nice bowl of noodles with the meatballs and siew cheong. Just heavenly ! Feel like taking a drive there now......:-P