Sunday, 8 August 2010

Steamed Fish head @ Chan Sow Lin

The famous Chan Sow Lin Steamed Fish Head - Kedai Kopi Sun Fock Wah has moved, and its now back to back with the other famous place, Bamboo Inn Restaurant. These guys used to be at a congested area off Jalan Chan Sow Lin, attracting many for its popular steamed fish head. You had to endure the congestion and the humidity there - it was not pleasant.

However, over the years, due to the congestion at the old place, they started losing business to Bamboo Inn Restaurant at Jalan Lima, off Jalan Chan Sow Lin in Sg. Besi, KL. Bamboo Inn served decent steamed fish head and nice vegetables to go with it, mind you.

It looks like these guys have found themselves again, Fock Wah's new location is just back to back (across the river) from Bamboo Inn. Me and my other half are regulars at Bamboo Inn,. However since Kedai Kopi Sun Fock Wah moved to its new location, we decided to check it out recently. Plus points - its big and spacious!

We ordered steamed fish head, sweet potato leaf vegetable and some curry pork  (wild boar?) as recommended by the waiter - it seems, every table there ordered the curry pork.

The fish head was good, well done, fresh and well prepared. It was a winner for both of us. It  was served in  a stainless steel plate - very traditional.

Then came the curry pork - for some reason, the other half dismissed this immediately - for her, if its not cooked Indian style, then its just not up to her mark. For one, there was more potatoes in it than pork, plus the oil was very visible, plus the strong taste of santan - disappointing. It was just warm, meaning it was pre-cooked, scooped up and served. I have to agree, no where near the Indian style of pork-curry!

Finally, the sweet potato leaf stir fried with garlic and garnished with fermented bean curd - the leafs look over-cooked and not up to expectation, but edible all the same.

Price was decent but taste wise, my vote goes to Bamboo Inn and the other half agreed, though you have to endure more flies at Bamboo Inn. (Note : after tasting the Balakong  steamed fish head, my vote goes to Balakong - look out for the blog soon)

To finish off, we decided to take a bag of mangostean sold at the entrance. For RM10, it was a lot and was very good! We ate a lot and there was still 1/2 bag to go ! Unfortunately, this is seasonal, else I would have gone back to get more.

Kedai Kopi Sun Fock Wah
Lot 350, Jalan Lima, Off Chan Sow Lin,
Sungai Besi, 55200 Kuala Lumpur
016 639 5979 or 012 616 6975

Jalan Lima is where Utusan Malaysia is, at the traffic lights. Go all the way in until you see a bridge/river - this restaurant is next to the bridge. It is 1/2 air conditioned. Don't get mistaken for Bamboo Inn, its on the other side of the river, under a tree and non-aircondition. Actually, both are good! If you end up at Bamboo Inn, ask for the sayur Paku with belachan. Not many offer this.

Additional photo posted by Jon ; steamed la-la & fried fish head topped with gravy:-

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  1. One dish that Fock Wah does quite well is the fried fish head topped with gravy which has vegetables and fried pork (siew yoke) pieces. I have not tried Bamboo Inn, must try it the next time I'm in the area.