Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Hidden Treasure at Balakong New Village!

First up, we had a special guest with us, Snow White! It is not easy to get Snow White to smile for the camera, however I got this classic that  really fits nicely into this blog!
Snow White

We headed out to Batu 11, Cheras, also known as Balakong - the heartland of fussy folks, located right smack in the middle of the Chinese New Village, next to the make-shift market. Down here, if your food is not good, you don't survive - they chase you away!
No name corner house
 This particular shop was only a Bah Kut Teh shop about 25 years ago, as I remember it. It was located at a corner house under a big tree. It was frequented by old men every morning, sipping their Chinese tea and having their dose of bah kut teh under the tree. Most of them brought their own tea, fresh hot boiling water was always available at every corner - self service. It was about the best, around the Kajang/Semenyih/Cheras area that I can remember and having so many old folks made us believe this place was 'something special'. 

And special it really was, it has survived more then 25 years (that I can remember, perhaps more?) and it got better! Today, they also serve other dishes including the yummy 'pork leg' and 'steamed fish head'. These 2 are simply outstanding!
Pork Leg laced with sinfully good 'fat' that melts in your mouth
They have perfected the pork's leg, the big bone, sliced and braised to perfection - it literally melts in your mouth! This beats the better bah kut teh guys in Klang in terms of taste! Its is a MUST HAVE! If you observe, every table has one of this - its a ritual here.

bah kut teh
We ordered a small bah kut teh to go with it, I won't write home about it - passable. I guess, after eating the ones in Klang, this is just so-so. It's a nice soupy dish to have, if you're there.

Steamed Fish Sifoo
He was just a young helper when I first went there some 25 years ago, as you can see, he has aged and is  now the sifoo behind the steamed fish. They offer various steamed fish, all equally good - our choice was the Teow Chew styled steamed fish head. Fish was fresh, steamed to perfection and had the right texture to put to shame the famous Chan Sow Lin restaurants - and I mean both of them. 
Steamed Fish Head

Yes, this was far better! I am going to use this as the benchmark for all steamed fish heads in future, I kid you not. Just superb! 

Note to self: We have to consider this restaurant in our revised Top 10 list. It certainly has the marks to make it to the list.

What was left of it!
What is the big deal you ask? The picture above says it all - we devoured it! Maybe next time, we have to order 2 fish dishes? I think its a splendid idea here! (mind you, it was value for money too!).
Vegetable, we need the fiber too
And to close it off, we ordered some vegetables, not much choice, but it was done very well - fresh and tasty. Must have gotten it from the market across the road earlier. Proximity to market place do count, I guess.

There was 5 of us plus 2 kids and the bill came up to the 60s which I thought was very reasonable. A note of warning though, expect it to be crowded on weekends, however the crowd moves and you don't have to wait too long. Even with the crowd, it was very enjoyable. Must do!

Location: I'll try to describe what you need to do:-
As you enter Batu 11 from the Cheras Highway, turn right at the traffic lights - into the new village.
Immediatly turn left after the traffic lights, will take you alongside the basketball court.
At the end of the road, T-junction, turn right and you are there, 20 meters away on the right - before the make-shift market place located alongside the road. It is the corner house, with extended roofing and without a name.

If you are coming from Balakong Industrial Area (MINES), head towards Batu 11 town centre - after Jusco, keep left into the town and go on  to the traffic lights in front of RHB Bank, keep left and turn left into the basketball area after the traffic lights.


  1. I guess this is the place we missed out the other time huh? Sorry guys, kids these days very happening one

  2. Babe_kl - yes this is the one you missed. You should give it a try. The fish head especially is excellent. Better than Chan Sow Lin IMHO.

  3. You must!
    The fish head and the pork leg, a must have.
    This place in going into our revised top 10 listing soon.